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February 2019

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We Are Expanding Our Practice We Can Now Help Veterans Get the Help They Need and Deserve

T his month, Jeremy and I wanted to take the time to announce a new venture that we’ve taken on in 2019. For the last 15 years, I’ve worked with clients who need assistance with their Social Security disability, while Jeremy has spent that last 11 years working with clients who have suffered personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence. In the last few months, we decided to extend our practice area to represent veterans, assisting them with their Veterans Administration (VA) disability claims. We can’t possibly express with words how excited we are about this upcoming change! All the amazing aspects about living in the United States stem from the dedication and perseverance of our nation’s military personnel. Their choice to leave home and family to ensure the greater good of their country exemplifies patriotic allegiance, even in times of great strife. There were multiple reasons for us to include VA claims in our practice, but primarily, we decided that since so many thousands of veterans residing in the U.S. have sacrificed so very much for the good of the nation, we needed to get involved. Many veterans have returned home needing help with their disability claims but have no one to turn to for guidance or advice. Because it is a big government agency, the VA is a difficult institution to navigate; it is often inefficient and slow-moving. The process of researching how to file a disability claim is hard enough, but on top of that many of

these veterans are suffering from PTSD or have other ailments stemming from their service. This can make the process even more arduous. With our combined legal experience and our desire to help veterans, I believe that Jeremy and I can make a real difference. Because there aren’t many lawyers out there who handle these types of claims, Jeremy and I have been spending the last several months soaking up every bit of information we can. We want to ensure that we can offer effective aid to as many clients as possible.

disability claims. When it comes to filling out forms and scouring medical records to prove a disability, I’ve found that my experience in assisting previous clients will carry over as I start working with veterans. To prove that their disabilities stem from their time in service, Jeremy and I will work with veterans’ doctors and gather expert reports to put together the evidence needed to support their case. If you or someone you know is a veteran who needs help navigating the complexities of building a case for a VA claim, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We know there is a great need for attorneys who can take on this very important type of case, and Jeremy and I are excited to help this deserving sector of the community get the aid they not only need, but desperately deserve.

What we’ve found is that VA claims actually share a lot of similarities with Social Security

“All the amazing aspects about living in the United States stem from the dedication and perseverance of our nation’s military personnel.”

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