Wavestone US Benchmarking of Next-Gen Service Desk

Benchmarking of Next-Gen Service Desk for Tier 1 IT Service Provider

Benchmarking helped India-based tier 1 global IT services provider strengthen next-gen service desk capabilities Wavestone US (formerly WGroup) led an extensive benchmarking of the clients’ IT service desk operations to strengthen its next-gen service capability, optimize effort estimation, and improve productivity by ~20%, in addition to several other solutioning, pricing, and performance characteristics. We held comprehensive discussions around the service desk delivery model, resource structure, enterprise automation platform, to name a few. This exercise helped us simplify the service desk portfolio and provide the client with opportunities for better competitiveness and increased productivity, and to harness integration synergies.



Provider had limited capabilities on next-gen offerings, leading to minimal growth in service desk business

Comprehensive guidance on next-gen serviced portfolio with focus on user personification, automation, AI/ML and Cognitive to enhance business growth Clustering of service desk solutions according to client appetite and user-persona to ensure solution alignment to client business and objectives

Multiple siloed offerings led to ineffective solutions

Sub-optimal sizing in metrics like shrinkage, occupancy, and slack leading to high-effort estimation

Unraveled the areas of opportunity to reduce effort estimation by up to ~20%

Indicated areas of improvement across automation medium of communication, SLA, complexity, for enhanced productivity and reduced TCO

Disjointed delivery areas resulting in low productivity

Advised on best-in-class span of control, governance and offshore/near-shore leverage in provider delivery model

Potential inefficiencies in delivery model and team structure

Shared best-practices on inclusion of risk contingencies in the commercial construct

Higher than typical padding of risk contingencies in pricing

Benchmarking Advisory Benchmarking Advisory Practice Sarthak Brahma , Managing Director | sarthak.brahma@wavestone.com | O: +1 (610) 854-2700 | C: +1 (917) 715-0239 No research analysts – senior advisors lead benchmarking practice | No research rankings or pay-for-play with service providers | Partner-level staffing to support upstream planning/downstream realization



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