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June 2020

To My Dad, the Trailblazer

and determination. He made himself into someone who contributes so much to his community and the clients we serve. It’s nothing short of incredible. I have so much respect for people like my dad and Patrick who were able to get themselves out of hardship and into lives of success. As a father myself, I think about how my kids will turn out. I wonder if I’m instilling the value of hard work in them. How do I impart drive and motivation? Or help them realize that nothing is free? Like me, they don’t know what it’s like to struggle and to work from the bottom up. They don’t know hardship. I hope I’m doing my best, and I hope my kids can look back when they’re older and use the lessons I taught them. There’s a strong parallel between Captain James T. Kirk and his own father, George Kirk. In the original “Star Trek” series, we never met George Kirk, but we learned a little about him. (As an audience, we wouldn’t officially meet George Kirk until the 2009 reboot “alternate reality” movie, in which George Kirk was played by Chris Hemsworth and James T. Kirk was played by Chris Pine.) George Kirk, like James, was a Starfleet officer. In many ways, he paved the way for his son, who was a farm boy from Iowa. George Kirk made connections and established himself as a great officer. Then, when James applied for Starfleet Academy, he was met with no resistance. Eventually, Captain James T. Kirk would go on to do many great things, but if his father hadn’t blazed those trails before his son, who knows what might have happened? So, thank you, George Kirk, and thank you to all the dads out there who worked hard to blaze those trails and make life that much easier for their children and everyone who follows in their footsteps.

My dad was from a small town in Oregon. He grew up very poor, and as a result, he worked hard to get himself out of that small town and into a better life. Throughout high school, he did everything to make that happen. Thanks to his hard work, he was able to get into the University of Washington. At age 17, he moved to Seattle. He didn’t know a single person, but it didn’t matter. He was ready for a new life. He got his undergraduate degree and continued on to medical school at the University of Washington to become a surgeon. His hard work and vision paid off. He was successful and created the life he had dreamed of when he was young. As we celebrate Father’s Day in June, I think about my own path and growing up with my dad, the doctor. I think about everything he did so I could have the life I knew growing up. I was fortunate to have just about every advantage you could ask for. I was able to go to a good school, pay for college, and make my way to law school. Thanks to the hard work of my dad, my path to where I am today was fairly easy compared to what he had to go through. He was pulling himself up by his bootstraps, as they say. I didn’t have to do that. I worked hard, but so much fell into place for me. I basically had to tread water in the shallow end while he fought the waves along the coast. I’m super grateful to my dad and everything he went through to give himself the things he didn’t have growing up — and to make sure the next generation lived a better life. On the other hand, my law partner, Patrick, experienced circumstances similar to my father’s. He was a first-generation immigrant with no advantages. He put himself through his undergraduate schooling and then law school. He is the definition of hard work

-Jason Epste in

Times the OlympicsWere Canceled And the Postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Games

they invaded China in 1937. The games were then rebooked for Helsinki, Finland, but after Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and started WWII, those games were scrapped as well. Since the fighting hadn’t ceased by the time the games were supposed to happen in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, in 1944, the Olympics were canceled again. Though the Olympics have happened on schedule since the end of WWII, the United States has not always participated. In 1980, when the U.S. boycotted the Olympics that were held in Moscow, Russia, in protest of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, 64 other nations followed suit. However, those games still went on as planned and 80 countries participated. The fact that major global conflicts are the only other events that have been catastrophic enough to affect the Olympics might be distressing and elevate anxiety about our current global health crisis. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Olympics have only been postponed this time, not canceled. We’ll still get to cheer on our favorite Olympians next year.

In late March, amid the global spread of COVID-19, the International Olympic Committee announced the postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games. They were slated to take place in Tokyo, Japan, this summer, but they will now happen in the summer of 2021. While this is an unprecedented decision, it’s not the first time that major global events have affected the Olympic Games or which countries participated. Since the inception of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, they have been outright canceled three times — 1916, 1940, and 1944. The first cancellation of the Olympic Games happened during World War I. The German Empire was supposed to host the games in Berlin, but by the time 1916 rolled around, Europe was deep in the trenches of WWI. Many nations had sent their athletes to fight in the war, so the games were canceled. World War II caused the next two cancellations. The 1940 Olympics were initially scheduled to be held in Tokyo. It would have been the first time the games were hosted by a non- Western country, but Japan forfeited the right to host when Summer is here, and people are ready to get outdoors and enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. After being stuck at home for the past few months, everyone is excited to stretch their legs. Thankfully, there are many hiking opportunities around the Seattle area, making it easy to get out for an afternoon getaway. Even better, many of our local trails are accessible to those of all ages and abilities. Here are three great options. Skyline Trail Loop Located in Mount Rainier National Park, the trail is about 5.5 miles, but the loop is a relatively straightforward hike on a maintained trail. It’s largely flat, but there are some inclines to be mindful of. The great thing about Skyline is the view. It takes you within a snapshot’s distance of Mount Rainier, so you can enjoy the grand mountain and all of its surroundings, including a waterfall, unimpeded. The trail begins near Paradise Inn. Twin Falls Trail Generally accessible year-round, the Twin Falls Trail in Olallie State Park (along Interstate 90) is a great

A Breath of Fresh Air

3 Great Hikes for the Start of Summer

way to immerse yourself in nature without traveling too far from home. The 3.6-mile trail winds through a diverse forest full of maples, conifers, and so much more. As the name suggests, there are two waterfalls along the path. More experienced hikers can head to the Olallie Trail, a 20-mile trail, which offers an exceptional backcountry experience. Washington Park Arboretum Closer to home, the arboretum makes for a great morning or afternoon walk. It’s a great destination for anyone who doesn’t want to stray too far but still wants to get out and get moving. The arboretum even provides visitors with information on fall hikes, so you can get the most out of your adventure. Plus, it’s home to the Seattle Japanese Garden, which is always bursting with color. With any hike, it’s important to be prepared. Before hiking, be sure to check park websites for updates related to COVID-19 or weather-related closures. Plan accordingly and make sure you have all the gear you need before heading out, including water, snacks, and a first-aid kit. Stay safe and have fun!

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At Premier Law Group, our clients mean the world to us. From that very first phone call or meeting, we strive to build a relationship on a foundation of trust. When a new client comes to us, it is often because they aren’t sure where else to turn. We see people at their most vulnerable. They may have been in a car or bicycle accident or were injured at no fault of their own. The medical bills are piling up, and they’ve missed several days of work, if not more. They come to us because they need help and they need answers. They only want to get their life back on track. In the fight to get the support and compensation they need and deserve, they never have to go it alone. We are here to listen, help, answer questions, and fight for what you need to move on with your life. We are here to be a shoulder and a support system in your time of need. You never have to fight the legal system alone. You never have to fight the insurance companies alone. And we’re not here for just you. We’re here for your loved ones, friends, neighbors, or colleagues who need help after an accident going up against the insurance company. We appreciate you, and we appreciate every client you send our way. When you refer a new client, we consider it the biggest thank-you that you can give us. It tells us we’re doing everything right and that we were able to make a difference in your life. We are incredibly thankful to all of our clients. We appreciate every review you leave us on Google Reviews (we are rated 5 stars!), and we appreciate your word-of- mouth recommendations. If you know someone who needs help in the wake of an accident or injury, let them know Premier Law Group is here for them. All they have to do is call 206-285-1743 to schedule a free consultation. Just like we stand by our existing clients, we are here to stand by the people you care about most.

There’s no greater compliment we can receive than a referral from our clients. When you share that trust with family members, friends, and acquaintances, it means so much to all of us at Premier Law. If you know somebody in need of a lawyer, please give them this newsletter and tell them to give us a call at 206-285-1743. Thank you for spreading the word about Premier Law!


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“There aren’t words to adequately describe how excellent Jason and his team are. (And a special shout out to Danielle!) After I was rear- ended on my motorcycle, it was clear I would need legal help through the long recovery process. A colleague recommended Jason’s firm. From the very beginning, the communication was clear, prompt, and supportive. I always felt fully informed of the path being pursued and the reasoning behind the legal actions being taken on my behalf, and I was consulted every step of the way. Everyone at PLG made me feel that my case mattered, that I mattered. It was a lengthy process to resolve my case, but I never felt like I was being overlooked or forgotten. This is just an outstanding group of people, and I’m grateful for all they did for me. ‘Live long, and prosper’ guys! Many thanks.” Judy Learn

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