InsurMark INSIGHTS Summer 2022

WEALTHY INVESTORS ARE TALKING Something to talk about… Wealthy investors are taking advantage of Roth conversions. When IRAs came out in the 1970s, average Americans who didn’t have the security of a pension were able to save money for retirement and claim a tax deduction for their contributions to boot. Fast forward to 1997, Roth IRAs were born! While they didn’t offer tax deductions for contributions, they did allow tax-free withdrawals later on. As IRA rules have eased, folks in upper income brackets still can’t contribute directly to a Roth IRA, however they can contribute to a traditional IRA and roll those funds into a Roth IRA later. These backdoor IRAs can help affluent individuals realize significant financial benefits in the form of tax savings. For advisors, talking to affluent clients about IRA rollovers can be a true win-win situation. Ready to light your IRA rollover business on fire? Ask your ADC how InsurMark’s Ultimate Roth Biz Builder can help you get the conversation started and quickly boost revenue for your business. SOCIAL SECURITY DRIES UP By 2033, the Social Security Administration says it will only be able to pay 76% of promised benefits. If this happens, your clients could be facing a loss of over $200,000 in lifetime income. The concern of future reductions of Social Security Benefits is the largest unaddressed fear in retirement planning. Through Insurmark, you now have tools and solutions that empower you to help your clients navigate and address this concern. New Social Security Protection tools and solutions available through Insurmark can help you reconnect with existing clients, attract new assets, and differentiate you from the competition. The world has changed. For 89% of Americans, you can no longer help them successfully plan for their retirement if you don’t protect their Social Security…

Check out the replay below from a recent Social Security Protection tools workshop to learn more about the annuities and rider we offer that specifically address this problem.

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