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The Making of a Family Attorney What Matters Most F rom an early age, I had the makings of a lawyer. My mom used to tease me that I would argue with everyone who engaged However, after I started handling family law cases, I realized that my experiences in life actually made that area the natural choice for me. It wasn’t long after that I made the decision to focus my practice exclusively on family law cases. My Nontraditional Journey into Family Law 349 E. Main Street, Suite 200, Spartanburg, SC 29302 • • (864) 598-9172

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me in conversation, possibly even the doctor who delivered me. I remember thoroughly enjoying spirited discussions in high school, and I have been strong-willed my whole life — just ask my wife! So, in some ways, I always knew I wanted to be an attorney. After graduating high school, I attended Clemson University. Instead of majoring in pre-law, I majored in financial management and minored in accounting. You may be thinking, “Ben, if you knew you wanted to be a lawyer, why did you choose to study finance?” Although my choice seems strange, I had a plan in mind. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, but my ultimate goal was to have my own practice. To do so successfully, I needed to have a deep understanding of business principles and concepts. All the way through law school, I thought I wanted to be a civil and criminal litigator, and I clerked for a firm that handled personal injury cases. I loved learning the ropes at that job, and I still thought I wanted to handle civil and criminal cases. After graduation, I got a taste of general practice, handling criminal, personal injury, real estate, and family law cases.

After law school, I worked briefly for another law firm before fulfilling my dream of opening my own practice. I learned to be very picky about the cases I accepted, because one of my mentors had told me that sometimes the best cases are the ones you never take — a saying I still live by. At The Stevens Firm, we decide whether to accept cases after carefully analyzing the facts and only when we believe that we can help the client. In fact, we decline as many cases as we take in, and we refer the others to attorneys we think might be a better fit for the client.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I like to tell them that I solve puzzles. Every family law case is like a puzzle, whether it’s a jigsaw, Rubik’s cube, or video game. I can only solve a problem after determining what kind of challenge I’m facing. One of the things I love most about family law is that every day is different and each case is an exciting new puzzle to solve. Because of this combination, I never lose interest, and I never lose the passion for what I do or for helping those who need our services. As someone who has been divorced, I am able to provide advice for our clients from both the lawyer and client perspectives. I have seen and lived through the issues that many of our clients face, and I know that the emotions which accompany divorce and custody cases are often hard to put into words. My experience, both personal and professional, helps reassure my clients that I understand what they are going through and that I will work my hardest to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

I wish you and your family a wonderful and safe new year!

As a child of divorced parents, the thought of being a “divorce lawyer” never appealed to me.

Ben Stevens

Reminder About Our Firm’s Communication Policy Our promise to you is that while working on cases, our attorneys don’t take inbound phone calls, faxes, or emails. Our Senior Partner, Ben Stevens, takes no unscheduled inbound phone calls, as we have found this makes himmuch more productive and enables him to focus on getting cases resolved faster. You can always call our office at (864) 598-9172 and schedule an in-person or phone appointment with any of our attorneys, usually within 24 to 48 hours. We believe this approach is much better than the endless game of ‘phone tag’ played by most businesses today. Email is also an efficient way to communicate with us, however we only typically check

our email twice a day. If you need something quickly, call our office and speak with one our assistants who will be happy to help you. Disclaimer: This publication is intended to educate the general public about family law issues. It is not intended to be legal advice. Every case is different. The information in this newsletter may be freely copied and distributed, so as long as the newsletter is copied in its entirety and proper credit is attributed to “The Stevens Firm, P.A. – Family Law Center (”.

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