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My wife and I have been married almost 20 years. We got married back in 2001, and every winter, we have a tradition of sitting down and sharing 10 things we love about each other. Over the years, the things on that list have changed. They’ve deepened and gotten richer. My wife is a hospitalist — she’s the doctor in charge of patient care in the hospital — and I have so much respect for the care she gives her patients. She works on a shift schedule, but her work doesn’t end with her shift. Once a patient is assigned to her, she takes ownership of their treatment, and she’s not done until every last patient is taken care of and their documentation is in order. I always knew she was smart — she excelled in medical school — and now she uses all that stuff we learned every day when she cares for her patients. I like to say she’s the thinking doctor in the family, and I’m just the technician. But she believes in me, and her support means everything. Everyone wants to have a partner who believes in their life’s work, and I really have that from her. I know I do, because she’s blunt. My wife doesn’t mince words. I love that about her. One of my favorite things about being a surgeon is seeing the positive impact my work has on people’s lives — I love to see it ripple out into their confidence and their relationships. It feels good when a patient tells me how meaningful our work together has been for them, but nothing feels better than hearing my wife say she thinks I do good work. She knows the ins and outs of my

business and she believes in my vision and supports it. I am so grateful to her for that.

time with the 5-year-old while the other spends quality time catching up with the boys. Sometimes, stuck in doctor mode, I just want to be done with it, I don’t want to slow down and teach a 5-year-old how to measure flour. But my wife doesn’t get impatient like that. She slows down and gets our daughter involved. I shouldn’t be surprised. That’s the kind of mother she is, the kind of doctor she is, and the kind of wife she is. This year, on Valentine’s Day, my heart will be filled with gratitude for her.

With such demanding professional lives, it can be easy to get stuck in work mode — we call it doctor mode. It’s all business, and we’re both susceptible to bringing it home from time to time, but she can transition right out of doctor mode and just be at home with our kids quicker than I can. We have four kids, a 14-, 12-, and 10-year-old, all boys, then a 5-year-old girl. And she takes the time to slow down with them and spend quality time with each individual child — she reads to them and checks in on school and watches their shows with them.

–Dr. Mike

It’s easy for our youngest to monopolize everything. We take turns — one of us spends

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