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Family Traditions Creative Ways to Make Lasting Memories

The holiday season gives us a chance to enjoy the time we have with our loved ones. However, it can be highly stressful for co-parents as they work to make sure their children have a wonderful Christmas. Here are some ways to help your holiday season go off without a hitch! Make decorating together a fixture in your holiday traditions. If you and your kids love to decorate, get a new ornament every time you pick out your tree for the season. The great thing about decorating is that it’s not time-sensitive. Every year since our kids were little, we’ve started December by going to the store and buying an ornament. We usually pick one that commemorates a significant event that happened during the year like “baby’s first Christmas.” Through the years, we’ve always let the kids pick out the tree, no matter how big or small. One time when we lived in Arizona, they picked a 14-foot behemoth! It was so big that we could barely fit it through the door! After the holiday season, when the tree was dry, we had to cut the branches off to get it out of the front door. Another tradition to recognize with your kids is incorporating a dinner into your holiday celebrations. One tradition we started when Zach was older was making a Holy Land dinner on Christmas Eve. We try to make the food as close to what they would have eaten in Jerusalem near the birth of Jesus as possible. We usually have fish, honey, flatbread, and lamb — but we don’t go out of our way to be historically accurate. This dinner helps us focus on the reason for the season and the birth of Jesus Christ. At the end of the meal, we read from Luke chapter 2. Afterward, we sing Christmas songs like “Silent Night” and “O Little Town of Bedlam.” “Make decorating together a fixture in your holiday traditions. If you and your kids love to decorate, get a new ornament every time you pick out your tree for the season.”

Even something as simple as opening a present the day before Christmas can be something special to do with your children. Every Christmas Eve, everyone in the family gets a new set of pajamas. If your kids get pretty energetic on the big day, piling onto the couch and watching classic Christmas movies like “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” or “The Santa Clause” will settle them down. When everyone comes over on Christmas, we love to gather around and watch a classic movie or play a fun board game! It never hurts to get creative with activities that bring everyone together. My wife buys a bunch of Nerf guns for Christmas Day, and parents and kids alike participate in the shenanigans. You never know when the fight is going to break out, but when one bullet flies, it means war. We get pretty competitive, so a game usually entails some battle cries and jumping over various pieces of furniture. At the end of the day, though, it’s not the traditions that matter but the memories we make. So, regardless of your traditions, make sure you do something you and your kids will cherish for years to come. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone.

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