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It’s the Force, Of Course! Task 1: Power of Force The student will observe the effect of different strengths of pushes or pulls on the motion of an object. Performance Expectations and 3D Learning: K-PS2-1 Plan and conduct an investigation to compare the effects of different strengths or different directions of pushes and pulls on the motion of an object. Safety:

Time Rating: 1 = less time; 4 = more time Teacher Prep: 2 Student Prep: 1 Student Cleanup: 1 Time on Task: 45 minutes Materials: For each pair • 1 empty 16 oz. water bottle • 1 full 16 oz. water bottle • 1 meter of yarn • 1 roll of masking tape For each student • crayons for chart drawing • 1 pencil • Student Recording Chart

• Instruct students to use control when pushing and pulling objects. Have students use caution when applying a hard push to light objects to prevent objects from flying toward their partners.

Preparation Quick Tips: • Divide the class into pairs, or groups with an even number of students. • Use masking tape to create a line for students to push and pull objects across. • Pairs of students will sit across from each other with the tape line between them to push or pull objects across the line. • Tie a piece of yarn or other string around the water bottles for students to pull. See the drawing on the student recording chart for an example. • You can print and distribute the Student Recording Chart , or have students record their results on their PBA pages. • Once this task is finished, save the water bottles for Task 2 . Options for Project-Based Learning: • You may choose to have students perform this task while working through their lessons on forces and motion. • Students may choose additional objects to push and pull across the line. Task 1 − DO THIS Answers: 1. Answers will vary but should include the student’s prediction.

4. Push, Hard 7. Pull, Hard

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