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With spring coming up you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors. Warm weather, however, affects your body differently than cold weather does, especially if you have orthotics or prosthetics. It’s important to make sure your devices stay in top condition while you’re enjoying outdoor activities. Take Care of Yourself If you use orthotics or prosthetics and haven’t been very active during the winter months it’s a good idea to start out slow. Suddenly spending several hours biking, walking, or just working in the yard could create a variety of problems. The following are several issues associated with warmweather and increased activity. Excessive Sweating - You’ll almost certainly sweat more when it’s warmer. Sweating in the socket of a prosthesis can increase the chance of bacterial infections on the residual limb. You may need to remove the device more often to completely dry your skin. Excessive sweating during exercise may cause the prosthesis to not fit as well or even detatch. Skin Breakdown - Suddenly increasing your activity level and engaging in movements you may not have done during the winter can cause skin chafing. If you use a liner you may need to remove it more often. Muscle & Joint Pain - Over-exertion with a prosthesis could cause increased pain in other limbs. Engaging in activities you haven’t done for a while can cause a variety of foot, knee, back, or shoulder pain.

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