Board Converting News, April 11, 2022

Jamestown Container’s Cleveland Facility Is FSSC 22000 Certified For Max Food Safety From following ISO 9001 quality management standards to maintaining an AIB food distribution certification at its Buffalo facility and housing a certified ISTA packaging durability lab, Jamestown Container Companies has always prioritized the utmost quality across its Ohio and New York manufacturing facilities.

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Recently, Jamestown has reaffirmed its commitment to quality and food safe packaging by acquiring the industry-accepted and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognized FSSC 22000 certification at its Cleveland, OH packaging facility. According to the official FSSC website, “FSSC 22000 provides a certification Scheme that incorporates an in-depth hazard anal- ysis in a robust food safety management system to control the food safety hazards, minimize risks and assure the production of safe packaging and packaging materials.” Potential Risks Threaten Food And Feed Safety For food and feed companies, packaging serves several practical purposes like protecting against outside contaminants and product loss, brand marketing, and sharing essential information like nutritional facts. Packaging also, however, has the power to contaminate food products itself if created improperly, out of the wrong components, or in an unsan- itary environment. Add to that the risks of contamination during transport and storage if the packaging is not durable enough or made of the correct materials to protect against a variety of shipping and handling conditions. This gives a fuller picture of the many challenges food-related industries face today when it comes to product safety. Food contamination represents both a significant health concern for consumers and a significant financial concern for food product compa- nies. Even once food safety concerns are solved, consumers may have a negative view of a product for an extended period of time after a con- tamination issue’s resolution, creating a lasting impact for the company in question. This makes the threat of contamination all the more serious for businesses within the food industry. Certification Protects Against Common Risks The FSSC 22000 certification involves a comprehensive facility au- dit that is monitored by its robust integrity program. The program audits are aimed at identifying, recommending, and verifying the implementa- tion of recommendations surrounding food-safe packaging best practices CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

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April 11, 2022

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