Board Converting News, April 11, 2022

Vanguard Companies Unveils New Mission Statement, Core Values Vanguard Companies has announced a refresh of their Mission Statement and Core Values to strengthen the company as they commit to living these values every day. The updated Mission Statement is: WE ARE: • A customer-driven and growth-focused organization that is easy to do business with while driving best-in- class results through creativity, innovation, and solu- tions-based actions. • A people-centric, humble culture with an industry-lead- ing team collaborating through diversity, honesty, and a passion to drive for success. • A safety-committed company that strives to protect the team, encourages sustainable practices to protect our environment and natural resources, while delivering

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and more recovered fiber, a daily look at products and processes may be prudent,” said Ralph Young, AICC Cor- rugated Technical Advisor. Additionally, attendees will learn how, when, and why to test for successful carton making functional techniques. Tom Weber, AICC Folding Carton Technical Advisor, said, “this is a must-attend if you are considering getting into high volume folding carton work that may require the use of mechanical packaging equipment by your clients. The webinar will help attendees separate the must-haves from the nice to have as you equip your Quality Lab.” Tom Weber, AICC Folding Carton Technical Advisor, has 39 years of diverse packaging experience. Ralph Young has spent his entire corporate career in the forest products industry Register for Material Testing and Why You Need It Now at .

reliable execution utilizing continuous im- provement to bring value to our business. • A company that works to accelerate prof- itability to invest in the people, processes, and systems necessary to succeed with the right partners while earning a good re- turn for stakeholders. The updated Core Values are: Integrity – is widely trusted; keeps com- mitments and confidences; treats others fairly and consistently; accountable for one’s own words and actions; quality of being honest; makes responsible decisions. Respectful – cares about others; active listener; is thoughtful; acts with core values in mind; engaged and present for all inter- actions; genuine; open to others’ views; is humble or modest; recognizes contributions and accomplishments of all; committed to the health and safety of all. Curious – inquisitive; asks questions; cares what others think; seeks out new ways of do- ing work; questions the norm; explores new methods; seeks to understand; embraces op- portunities to contribute. Accountable – shares information; col- laborative; works well with others to achieve common goals; adaptable; communicative; sharing the workload and/or credit; admits mistakes; maintains highest level of perfor- mance and consistency. Impactful – action-oriented; can be count- ed on to deliver results; timely; motivated; dependable; removes roadblocks; provides solutions; having an effect on the outcome; embraces challenges and anticipate needs. “It is, after all, what drives success in a com- pany, just as it creates harmony in a home,” said James Beard, COO.


April 11, 2022

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