Board Converting News, April 11, 2022

Fujifilm Invests $28M To Add New Facility For Inkjet Pigment Dispersion Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Inc. has said it will invest $28 million to add a new facility in New Castle, Delaware, for the production of aqueous inkjet dispersions. The invest- ment will double Fujifilm’s production capacity of pigment dispersions in the US to cater to the fast-growing demand for inkjet printing globally. Construction of the new facility, which adds 11,000-square-feet to the Delaware site, began in March 2022 and is expected to be operational by summer 2023. To support the increase in manufacturing output across the site, the company is adding 30 positions in quality, en- gineering, production, and administrative roles by the end of 2023. Fujifilm’s high purity RxD pigment dispersion products are important to the development of aqueous inkjet inks for a variety of fast-growing inkjet markets, including pack- aging, textile and commercial printing. They use a propri- etary cross-linking technology to lock each pigment parti- cle in a secure polymer cage, resulting in a highly stable dispersion that enables the design of ink formulations that can meet demanding performance requirements. Fujifilm supplies aqueous inks to digital printer OEMs and RxD pig- ment dispersions to ink formulators. “We believe that developments in aqueous ink technol- ogy will contribute to the transformation of new markets for inkjet,” said Ian Wilkinson, President and Chief Oper- ating Officer, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Inc. “With this in- vestment, we are further strengthening our position as a major manufacturer of both aqueous ink and core pigment dispersion technologies. Our mission is to ensure that we can support our growing North America and global cus- tomer base, to contribute to their success in inkjet.”



American manufacturers of split heads, patented roll- er-bearing yokes, gang-slot upgrades, custom rebuilds, and glue systems with electronically-geared speed mon- itoring. Visit our website for info, tips and techniques.


Haire Group is the premier provider of new machinery for the corrugated industry. As the exclusive US & Canadian agent for one of the largest machinery manufacturers in the world, Haire Group is able to pair clients with the best machinery solutions for the best value to meet their specif- ic needs. Haire Group delivers 24/7 professional, reliable service and support, maximizing quality and uptime. Haire Group has been the industry’s #1 pre-owned machinery bro- ker and plant equipment appraiser since 1976. HarperLove is the leading provider of specialty adhesives, performance additives, and wet-strength resins to corru- gated packaging manufacturers. With the largest and most experienced field service and technical support team posi- tioned throughout the U.S. and Latin America, HarperLove has a long-standing reputation for providing outstanding service and delivering demonstrable performance improve- ments. HarperLove’s renowned services include not only innovative product development and custom product for- mulation, but also machine and process assessments, ad- hesive formula adjustments, machine tuning, detailed ser- vice reporting, and more. HARPERLOVE


79th Annual NA Paperboard Packaging Competition Open

Kiwiplan - premier worldwide software provider of enter- prise-wide, fully automatic solutions specifically for the cor- rugating and packaging industries. Kiwiplan’s Total Solution delivers comprehensive, seamless real-time flow of infor- mation from sales order management to dynamic total plant scheduling and inventory control through shipping.

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) has announced that registration is now open for the 79th annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition. The dead- line for entries is June 1. Administered and hosted by PPC and judged by a jury of packaging professionals, industry experts, and profes- sors, the North American Paperboard Packaging Compe- tition is the premier competition for carton manufacturers involved in the concept, design, print, performance, and shelf appeal of paperboard packaging. Entries come from both major corporations as well as small, family-owned box shops yet all are weighted even- ly, with the names of manufacturers unknown to the jury. Submit entries by June 1. More information and entry forms are now digital on the website at .


Manufacturer of Marotape®, Marotape®Plus, Marotape® FPT and MaroString™; hot melt coated tapes and strings used for reinforcement and easy-open features for packaging. Ma- rotech also manufactures dispensing and tape placement equipments to optimize the productivity of applying hot melt coated tapes.


April 11, 2022

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