Board Converting News, April 11, 2022

Protective Packaging Invests In Koenig & Bauer 6-Color Press In the past six years, even as the market has faced some very challenging times, Protective Packaging has not just grown but thrived. This Lugoff, SC custom packaging print- er, headquartered outside of Columbia, has seen its large investment in new equipment increase its capacity and propel the 80-employee firm to double its sales in four years. This summer the firm will welcome the delivery of a special key piece of equipment—a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 six-color 41-inch press, one of the first new in- novative models in the U.S. “Ever since I founded the company in 1987, I believe in continually reinvesting in new technology,” says Tom Price, president of Protective Packaging Inc. “Our loyal custom- ers are the recipients of these technological investments, gaining faster, higher quality, more efficient throughput. When our new state-of-the-art Rapida 106 arrives, it will represent a highpoint for our business, giving us the fast- est speeds to ensure fast delivery to our customers.”



Sauer provides intelligent solutions for scoring, slitting, slit-scoring, and perforating on corrugators and floor slitters; and glue tab cutting, creasing, slotting, trimming and scrap chopping on presses. New, featured offerings include FRX Adjustable Folding Rail System and G3 Scoring System: the latest proven creasing technology on the market.


Interactive website for Stafford Corrugated Products and Stafford Cutting Dies. Featuring online ordering of replace- ment parts. Also, visitors can automatically calculate sheet size for most die-cut standards.


SUN Automation Group is the global leader in providing innovative solutions to the corrugated industry. SUN engi- neers and builds the SUN625 Rotary Die Cutter, provides sales, service and support in North and Central America for Latitude Machinery Corporation, manufacturer of Mini to Jumbo FFG and RDCs. Additionally, SUN is the North Amer- ican, UK and Ireland sales and service provider for Para Machinery’s line of equipment, and is the North American sales provider for Highcon. SUN also powers the corrugat- ed industry’s premier IIoT platform, Helios, and is the OEM source for Langston/Staley equipment parts and service. THACKER INDUSTRIAL SERVICE COMPANY Specializing in corrugated machinery, T.I.S.CO. offers quali- ty-made products, support services, and more. T.I.S.CO. has a reputation of dependability, not only in the product, but in service and support. With more than 25 years’ experience, T.I.S.CO. installs equipment and machinery, moves or sets up entire plants, rewires and rebuilds - all over the world. VT GROUP www.vtgrouponl VT offers prepress services for the POP display and corru- gated shipping container industry including graphic design, optimized digitally imaged printing plates and innovative pre-mounting solutions. Our large-format digital printing fa- cility (Digital Impact) is a leading short-run manufacturer of distinctive POP displays and signage where litho-like graph-

Protective Packaging has doubled its sales in four years.

With its laser focus on its mix of packaging clientele in the Southeast region, Protective Packaging special- izes on run lengths between 15,000 to 50,000 but, due to its strength in customer service and the press’ ultra- short makeready times, the firm will produce work with no minimums. Common customized box styles include reverse-tuck end, straight-tuck end, sleeves, auto-bottom tuck top, seal end, simplex, Klik lock, four-point in-fold, six- point in-fold, and windowed carton. As the firm continued to grow, Price added 70,000 sq ft in 2016 to his original 60,000 sq ft so that currently his firm operates at a 130,000 sq ft facility. A new room is being built specially for the Rapida 106 where it will share the workload with Protective’s current 2019 Koenig & Bauer sheetfed press. The firm is looking forward to the Koenig & Bauer enhanced color control system, which will automat- ically provide operators with measurement as well as intri- cate and detailed report systems. It is also being delivered with a custom raised kit to support faster net sheets on the floor through continuous running of the press.

ics are preferred. WPR SERVICES

WPR Services was established in 2016. What originally start- ed as a technical services company expanded its product offerings to include a machine center learning platform POWtalk™. Our analysis of video, audio, machine metrics, employee ergometrics, and person to person conversation provides a way to identify safety and process inefficiencies.


April 11, 2022

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