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Sharky & George

- who we are Sharky & George have a simple aim: To find the fun in everything. Our jaw-dropping children’s events are all about getting everyone involved in active, imaginative and energetic games, races, competitions, adventures and missions always involving a certain amount of mischief! Sharky (Charlie) and George have never quite grown up, and don't intend to any time soon. They have managed to build a whole team of guys and girls who are complete experts in fun with boundless energy, effortless charm and totally brilliant with children of all ages.

Testimonials Bear Grylls - Sharky and George are simply the best! Kids (and me!) love them. Edith Bowman - Sharky and George were the perfect hosts for my sons 4th party, Tom and James were like those big brothers that young kids dream of having. Boys and Girls of varying ages were kept entertained and hearing their laughter throughout the afternoon was the only confirma- tion that I needed on making the right choice Holly Willoughby - Thank you Sharky & George for the best party, Harry loved it! Don’t know where Max and John found the energy! Next year survival!!!! X

As of December 2016 - 175 S&G crew in our London Team - Average of 60 parties per week

- 321 Parties in June 2015 - 12,500 parties to date - 400,000 Children entertained

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