Understanding the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems

MADD has a guide that may help you prepare your victim impact statement,

Victim Impact Statements can be a very important part of determining a sentence.

called the “Victim Impact Statement Booklet.” Ask your MADD Advocate

for a copy. Restitution Restitution is money or services ordered by the court to be paid directly to the victim or surviving family by the offender to restore, in part, the victim/survivor’s loss. Victim/survivor requests for restitution may cover: • medical expenses, • funeral expenses, • lost wages, • lost or damaged property, • counseling fees, and • other expenses considered reasonable by the court. In homicide cases, a family’s funeral and travel expenses and reasonable attorney fees incurred in closing the victim’s estate have been found to be proper restitution items. Most states require the court to consider the current financial resources of the defendant, the

defendant’s future ability to pay, and in some states, the burden restitution will place on the defendant and his or her dependents.

Find out what entity processes restitution in your county.

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