Understanding the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems

The criminal justice system has assigned paroling and sentencing officials with a grave responsibility: to protect the overall safety of citizens by refusing to release dangerous and violent criminals back into the mainstream. To

make competent and informed decisions, paroling officials must hear from the police,

You can write a letter to the parole board if an inmate is up for parole.

prosecutors, courts, prison officials, and victims/survivors. Sentences assessed by the court are seldom sentences served by the offender. Primarily because of jail and prison overcrowding and inmate control, the concept of good behavior credit is common. The offender may only serve a portion of his or her stated sentence and then be released, short of the actual sentence. Concerns about Prosecution Review procedures are available in most jurisdictions to investigate the conduct of attorneys, if you feel they have been unethical in the treatment of the case. Most states have a prosecutor’s council or similarly named investigative group to look into complaints about prosecutors. Local and state bar

If you feel like an attorney or

associations also have procedures for investigating complaints and taking appropriate actions. Attorneys may be disbarred

judge involved in the case has acted inappropriately, you can file a complaint.

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