Understanding the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems

first visit. Most attorneys do not charge for the initial visit, but some charge a nominal fee. The attorney may ask you to mail basic documents such as the crash report or medical records before the interview. This is fine as long as you send copies, not originals. Interviews Collect all relevant paperwork and arrange it so you can find things easily. Take the documents to the meeting. Explain the circumstances of your crash to the attorney and show him your prepared materials. After explaining your case and responding to the interest, don’t feel obligated to continue the interview. However, if the attorney does show interest, don’t leave before asking questions of your own. Refer to the list of questions you’ve prepared and feel free to add to the list throughout the course of the interview. Take notes as you talk, both to document answers and to assist you in comparing attorneys after you’ve completed all your interviews. Here is a list of prepared questions that you may want to ask: • What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of my case? • What kind of timetable do you foresee in the handling of this case? • How likely is it that I might wind up Come prepared with records to an interview with your attorney. attorney’s questions, you will have a pretty good idea about whether the attorney is interested in taking your case. If you don’t sense significant

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