Understanding the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems

Don’t confuse the passage of time with a lack of attention. Civil cases can take years to resolve and lack of apparent movement doesn’t necessarily mean your attorney has lost interest or isn’t pursuing the case. If you conclude that you are not being treated well by your an appointment and discuss your disappointments with him/her. This will give the attorney the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings or incorrect information. If communication about your case has been limited, this will give him/her the opportunity to bring you up to date, which may make you feel better. Often, one meeting will rectify the problem, and allow you to continue working together. If you are unable to remedy the dispute, or if your attorney refuses to meet with you, you may need to end the relationship. Remember that the attorney was hired to work for you, and you can, therefore, choose to fire him/her. If you do fire the attorney, your contract should spell out all expenses for which you will be responsible. It may also give the attorney the right to a lien (a debt) on your eventual recovery. All documents Talk with your attorney if you are concerned about your case. attorney, the first step is to schedule

related to your case are yours. They do not belong to the lawyer or to the firm. Once you have paid the attorney in full, ask for ALL the documents,

Firing your attorney may not release your financial obligation.

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