Understanding the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems

access to records, referrals, and other information; • To protection from intimidation and harassment; • To restitution from the offender; • To privacy; • To apply for crime victim compensation; • To the expeditious return of personal property seized as evidence whenever possible; • To a speedy trial and other proceedings free from unreasonable delay; • To enforcement of these rights and access to other available remedies. If victims are not afforded such rights and feel their rights have been violated, there may be opportunities for them to file a complaint. Some states have provided a forum for filing a victims’ rights violation complaint. The Office for Victims of Crime may be able basis. For information on your rights and how to file a complaint, please visit www.ovc. gov/map.html. A victim of a federal crime (where the case is being heard on a federal level with a federal prosecutor) may file a complaint against any employee of the Department of Justice who violated or failed to provide the rights established under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act of 2004. The Department of Justice has established the Office of the Consider filing a complaint if you feel like your rights have been violated. to assist victims with information on how to file such a complaint on a state by state


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