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FROM THE DESK OF Mike Bryan Happy Halloween everyone! I really can’t believe we’re already in the month of October. For anyone who has children in school, I hope you are settling in to the new schedules. I know that most schools were trying to implement “hybrid” and/or “virtual”models. Strange times indeed. This month, I’m featuring Continuing Healthcare Solutions at Cedar Hill and Sterling Suites. I had the opportunity to interview Christmas Sholler, Director of Admissions at both facilities. Continuing Healthcare Solutions at Cedar Hill provides Rehabilitation & Therapy Services, Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Services. Continuing Healthcare Solutions at Sterling Suites provides Rehabilitation & Therapy Services and Skilled Nursing Services. Christmas provided a great deal of information about the company, the types of services offered and what to expect when working with them.


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Each year, from Oct. 12–20, Bone and Joint Health Action Week aims to spread awareness of the treatment, management, and even prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines musculoskeletal disorders as “injuries or disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs.” As we grow older, regular aches and pains are normal, but someone suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder can find it difficult or even almost impossible to enjoy everyday activities. In order to spread awareness, increase education, and encourage the treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions, Bone and Joint Health Action Week helps ensure people have access to useful information. The Types of Musculoskeletal Disorders solutions-at-cedar-hill solutions-at-sterling-suites

If you have any further questions about either facility, please contact Christmas directly at 740-617-2406. Have a great month!


According to the Bone and Joint Initiative, musculoskeletal disorders affect more than half the American population over the age of 18, and 1 in 3 people requires

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Oct. 17: World Trauma Day — General aging is not the only cause of musculoskeletal conditions. World Trauma Day is designed to spread information about intervention, treatment, and prevention of traumatic injuries that lead to these painful conditions. Oct. 19: World Pediatric Bone and Joint (PB&J) Day — Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. One in 1,000 children is diagnosed with arthritis, and PB&J Day is dedicated to spreading awareness and educating the public about the impact these disorders have on children. Oct. 20: World Osteoporosis Day — Osteoporosis is when the body loses or does not make enough bone, which weakens the bone and makes it prone to breaks. This day provides activities to inform people of their risk factors for osteoporosis and broken bones. Overall, this unique week is full of fun and useful activities that emphasize the importance of muscle and bone health through getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and seeking medical help if you have signs of a musculoskeletal condition. If you want to be involved in Bone and Joint Health Action Week this year — whether through donating to a cause, learning more about musculoskeletal diseases, or seeking help — visit the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative website at

medical care for a musculoskeletal condition. These conditions include arthritis, trauma, back pain, spinal deformity, pediatric conditions, and osteoporosis. Many of these, such as arthritis and spinal deformity, are the most common causes of severe long-term pain and disability for people around the world. While there may be no permanent cure for these ailments, a person who suffers from them can do a few things to reduce their discomfort. 5 Topics for Action Week Musculoskeletal disorders have many aspects, so Bone and Joint Health Action Week dedicates each of the five days to raising awareness about a different ailment. This year, the schedule is as follows: Oct. 12: World Arthritis Day — The main focus for this day is “Don’t Delay, Connect Today.” Although arthritis has no cure, if it’s caught early on, sufferers can treat and manage it better. On the first day of Action Week, people are encouraged to seek out support groups, information, or medical advice for this condition. Oct. 16: World Spine Day — “Get Spine Active!” is the theme for this day and encourages people to get moving to help manage back and neck pain. Often, appropriate movement and exercise are key in promoting and maintaining spine health.

3 MIND-BLOWING FACTS ABOUT TACO BELL The Secret Link Between Home Depot, the Government, and Fast-Food Tacos

Did you know that Oct. 4 is National Taco Day? Corn or flour tortillas, hard or soft shells, we really love our tacos here in the USA. According to, Americans ate more than 4.5 billion tacos last year. End to end, that’s 490,000 miles of tortilla-wrapped beans, meat, and cheese. By far, the biggest peddler of light-speed tacos in the country is Taco Bell, the fast-food scion of Americanized Mexican cuisine. In 2012, Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco went the food equivalent of viral, selling more than 500 million tacos in just 14 months. It seems like there’s a Taco Bell on every street corner, but how much do you really know about the chain? To celebrate National Taco Day, we’re serving up three Taco Bell facts that will blow your mind. 1. Home Depot helped bring Doritos Locos Tacos to life. After Frito-Lay reached out to Taco Bell to suggest a collaboration, the development team turned to a hardware store for help. To create the famous snack, they “basically went out to Home Depot to buy a paint-spray gun” and blasted a taco with Dorito dust, according to Grub Street. 2. Taco Bell killed Taco Kid. Before it bought Taco Bell in the 1970s, PepsiCo tried to compete with it. The company launched a

restaurant dubbed Taco Kid under its Pizza Hut banner. According to Mental Floss, Taco Bell swiftly stomped out its kid brother. In response, PepsiCo opened its wallet and bought the chain for $130 million.

3. The U.S. government was behind the Quesalupa (sort of). In February 2016, Taco Bell launched the Quesalupa, a taco featuring a shell stuffed with melted pepper jack cheese. It was the chain’s cheesiest offering to date, perhaps because it got a boost from Dairy Management Incorporated, the branch of the United States Department of Agriculture in charge of unloading the country’s 1.4-billion pound cheese surplus . That’s right: The Quesalupa was (kind of) a tasty government conspiracy. This is just the tip of the Taco Bell iceberg. To learn about the chain’s wacky endeavors (including putting a bullseye in the ocean for astronauts and flying 10,000 Doritos Locos Tacos to Alaska by helicopter), visit

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Catchphrase! 6 Things Celebrities Tried to Trademark — and Some Who Succeeded

‘You’re fired!’ Donald Trump is known for many things, including emblazoning his name on everything he owns. Long before he was president and while host of “The Apprentice,” he filed a trademark on the show’s catchphrase. It was denied because it was too close to a preexisting (and trademarked) board game called You’re Hired. ‘BAM!’ TV chef Emeril Lagasse was a pioneer in the world of cooking shows. He popularized cooking on TV and captivated audiences by exclaiming one simple phrase every time he added an ingredient to whatever he was making: “BAM!” Naturally, he trademarked his signature phrase, but he doesn’t discourage people from using it as long as they keep it in the kitchen.

Celebrities love to trademark all sorts of things for one simple reason: People associate certain words with the celebrity’s brand, and the celebrity wants to protect that. It makes sense from a business perspective, but sometimes, it can get a little silly. Read on to see what the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office gave its blessing to and which trademarks it outright refused to create. Blue Ivy Carter Just days before their first daughter was born in 2012, Beyoncé and Jay-Z filed for a trademark on her name. The problem was that a wedding planning company called Blue Ivy was already using the name. Plus, Jay-Z mentioned to the media that their intention was to prevent others from using it. The trademark was denied.

intention was to use her trademarked name for marketing purposes. The trademark was denied, and Jenner even ended up in a brief legal battle with singer Kylie Minogue. ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’ One of the most well-known catchphrases of all time was successfully trademarked in 1992 by its creator, boxing announcer Michael Buffer. Even better, it’s made Buffer a very wealthy man. To date, he has made nearly $500 million dollars by licensing the trademark. ‘Rock Star From Mars’ Back in 2011, actor Charlie Sheen had a very public meltdown. During the episode, he rambled off countless phrases such as “Duh, winning,” “tiger blood,” and “rock star from Mars.” In the end, he tried to trademark a total of 22 phrases, but all were rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Kylie This generic trademark was filed by Kylie Jenner (of the Kardashians and Jenners). Her

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Pumpkins aren’t just for pie — they make delicious soup, too! This fall, try your hand at this healthy soup recipe and warm up with a bowl.


• • • •

• • • • • •

1 tbsp olive oil

1 cup canned light coconut milk

2 shallots, diced

2 tbsp honey

3 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 tsp sea salt

2 1/4 cups pumpkin purée (homemade or canned)

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 cups vegetable broth

1/4 tsp nutmeg




In a large saucepan over medium heat, sauté olive oil, shallots, and garlic for 2–3 minutes.

Transfer the soup to a blender and purée. Pour the blended soup back into the pan.



Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer.

Cook over medium-low heat for 5–10 minutes. Taste and add additional seasoning as desired, then serve!

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When was the last time you bought new ski pants or hiking boots? Now that you’re thinking about it, you might be realizing it’s been many years since you updated your most used athletic gear, which might explain why you’ve been colder than usual on the ski hill or why your feet ache after a short hike. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider investing in new gear. It can be very expensive, but you’re in luck — the holidays are just around the corner, which means so are the sales! Before you drop cash on new gear, sort through your current inventory and decide what to keep, sell, and toss. This might be hard and you may be tempted to skip it, but making these decisions can help you save money. If you have equipment or athletic wear that’s still in good condition but you no longer need, find a consignment shop

where you can sell or trade it. After all, your gear might be perfect for someone else and still give you some money to get a great upgrade for yourself. As you sort through your gear, see if any equipment is damaged and requires repair or replacement. Test flashlights and headlamps to make sure they work and inspect gear that’s been stored and forgotten, like backpacks and tents, that you might not notice the wear and tear on while out in the wild. You don’t want any equipment to malfunction when you’re in the middle of an excursion.

Adjust your inventory to your new needs and research which brands have the best ratings and reviews. Then, find which retailers tend to have the best prices. Shopping smart takes a little bit of preparation, but it can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of stress during those busy holiday weeks. So, dig through your closet or garage, take note of your current gear, and prepare to find some awesome deals for the whole family on new gear for the coming year.

Now that you know what gear you want to replace, it is time for the fun part.

Decide what outdoor activities you want to do in the upcoming months and in the next year.

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