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Delight your visitors and celebrate the holidays in a BIG way with our GIANT Christmas trees. View the catalog now.

Your Guide to

GIANT TREES Trees, Lights, Ornaments & Toppers

Quality of Product and Service

Appreciate the Difference when working with Downtown Decorations, Inc. With over 60 years combined experience in the commercial holiday industry, we have sold thousands of commercial trees and will guide you through the process with ease. As a full-service company, we have the ability to meet with you and walk you through your project. Our sales representatives will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your program. From the initial call to the completion of installation, we are here for you.

Realistic Foliage

Our trees are not the standard panel cone trees, but are made to look like the real thing with individual life-like branches that fluff out instead of laying flat. Each branch has dimension and depth to mimic the natural shape and angle of real pine branches. The depth of the foliage allows the lights and ornaments to be tucked within the branches and not dangle on top. Our pine foliage is made with two shades of green to add realistic live tree color and dimension.

Tree’s can “Grow”

Our stackable ring construction allows customers to increase the height of their tree in 2 ft increments up to 110 ft with no issue.


Our products will exceed your expectations every time. We are committed to having the highest quality products in the industry.

All Parts Are...

UV Protected UL Listed Flame Retardant


Lighting your Space

To create that warm holiday glow in your space, our in stock trees feature 5mmWarmWhite (Cool White by special order) LED mini lights. Features

• High quality commercial LED sets • LED lighting option reduces energy consumption and energy costs by 85%.

Construction & Materials

Our heavy gauge powder coated steel tree frame comes in 2 ft high sections. Frames are concentric and nest together for easy storage.

A heavy duty wiring harness runs along the inside of the frame.

Welded brackets and interchangeable bolts allow for easy assembly.

Branches are easily slid into pre-drilled slots throughout the frame without need of additional hardware.


Our giant trees are built with easy installation mind. Ease of Installation


Branches All branches are interchangeable on the frame so you won’t have to worry about a complicated labeling system. Ornaments are attached to branches on the ground, prior to frame attachment. We not only provide a designer ornament pattern but give you a printable PDF ornamenting guide, created specifically for each unique pattern. Our 2 ft ring construction allows for the parts of all tree sizes to fit through a standard double door or into an elevator. Once on site, the tree can be completely assembled with hand tools. A lift is not required for install as the tree frame forms it’s own climbable scaffolding. However, we will admit that a lift can be pretty helpful for trees over 30 ft.

The size of the tree determines the coverage of ornaments.

Tree Sizing & Ornament Coverage

4’ and 6’ Tree Size

60mm to 100mm. Ornament Sizes

8’ 10’, & 12’ 80 to 150mm 14’ and above 100 to 200mm

6 ft Tree Coverage 10 ft Tree Coverage

26 ft Tree Coverage


Standard Ornament Packages

Features Customize your ornament pattern to match your unique space and holiday program theme. Add some color • UV resistant and shatterproof commercial ornaments • An easy ornamenting guide is provided • Ornaments ship separately to save labor time and avoid breakage in transit • See our standard ornament packages on the right. • See your rep for details on creating a custom ornament pattern.

NEW Holiday Ornament Patterns!

Holiday Elegance

Festive Evergreen

Candy Cane


Sugar Plum

Traditional Holiday

Tree Toppers

Make a Statement Features • Designed to fit our Adirondack Pine Trees but is able to fit any tree including live trees • Made for indoor or outdoor use • All feature LED UL listed lighting in warm or cool white

Be sure to leave room for your tree topper when slecting tree height.

Tree Toppers

4’ Internally Lit Mexican Star Tree Topper

3’, 4’ & 5’ 3D Snoburst Tree Topper

3’ 3D Moravian Star Super White LED Tree Topper

3’, 4’ & 5’ Nativity Star Tree Topper

Tree Toppers

4’ & 6’ Royal Snowburst Tree Topper

5’ 3D Star & Scroll Tree Topper

3’, 4’ & 5’ 2D 8 Point Glitter Star Topper

1.5’, 2’ & 3’ 3D Structural Bows Red Nylon Tree Topper

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