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gs they enjoy. Top 10 reasons to seek Physical Therapy first: • Saves Time and Money • Helps Manage Pain • Reduces Pain Medication Dependency • Helps to Avoid Surgery • Prevents Injuries • Improves Mobility and Balance

Often, people who have suffered injuries and people with chronic pain or restricted mobility prefer surgery to physical therapy, incorrectly believing that surgery is a faster and more effective way to treat the problem. However, most primary care doctors refer patients to a physical therapist as the first course of action, because it is the least intrusive approach. Because physical therapy is not merely an alternative course of treatment, it offers a variety of benefits for people from all walks of life. From professional athletes and sports enthusiasts to people suffering from chronic conditions and poor health, the benefits of physical therapy are numerous. Physical therapy helps people get back to doing the thin

• Improves Physical Health • Maximizes Range of Motion • Direct Access To Treatment • Helps manage age-related issues

Call your local experts today at Arlington Physical Therapy to achieve maximum results. You can be confident in knowing you made the right choice.

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