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gs they enjoy. Top 10 reasons to seek Physical Therapy first: • Saves Time and Money • Helps Manage Pain • Reduces Pain Medication Dependency • Helps to Avoid Surgery • Prevents Injuries • Improves Mobility and Balance

Often, people who have suffered injuries and people with chronic pain or restricted mobility prefer surgery to physical therapy, incorrectly believing that surgery is a faster and more effective way to treat the problem. However, most primary care doctors refer patients to a physical therapist as the first course of action, because it is the least intrusive approach. Because physical therapy is not merely an alternative course of treatment, it offers a variety of benefits for people from all walks of life. From professional athletes and sports enthusiasts to people suffering from chronic conditions and poor health, the benefits of physical therapy are numerous. Physical therapy helps people get back to doing the thin

• Improves Physical Health • Maximizes Range of Motion • Direct Access To Treatment • Helps manage age-related issues

Call your local experts today at Arlington Physical Therapy to achieve maximum results. You can be confident in knowing you made the right choice.

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

STAND UP TO SCIATICA “We Have Your Back When It Comes To Pain Relief!”

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out what is causing pain. Having a lot of tests doesn’t mean you will find its root cause. Recent studies show that nearly 1 million of MRIs done for sciatica fail to find a treatable cause. With a new imaging technique called magnetic resonance neurography, 69% of the patients were found to have a trapped sciatic nerve deep in the buttock by a muscle called the piriformis. It is known that in about 25% of the general population, the sciatic nerve pierces through the piriformis muscle and can be susceptible to abnormal pressure and irritation. Why Does Sciatica Occur? If there are changes in posture, muscle strength or pelvic alignment, the nerve can be compressed which leads to the quite common low back and sciatic nerve pains. The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in your body. It even reaches down to the foot and therefore, can be irritated anywhere along its path. With sciatica, the consequent ache can be felt anywhere from the base of the spine, the buttocks or the back of the thigh and legs. Even tinglingsensations in the toescanbeattributedat times to the impingement of the sciatic nerve.


Do you experience pain in the buttock, leg, or even your foot? If so, you may be experiencing sciatica. Sciatica is a common form of back and leg pain that is often misunderstood by sufferers. People frequently have questions about what sciatica is, why it occurs and how to find relief from the intense pain it can cause from the low back down to the feet. If you are suffering from sciatica, it is important to find its root cause. Many people often think an x-ray or expensive MRI is first needed to figure


Bad Habits Can Increase Your Pain Some seemingly harmless habits can also contribute to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. A frequent bad habit is crossing of the legs for extended periods, which puts pressure on the nerve. In addition, sitting for long periods is bad for your spine. It is possible for you to prevent or relieve sciatica simply by improving your posture. Physical Therapy Relieves Sciatica The specialists at Arlington PhysicalTherapy play a crucial role in evaluating and treating sciatica, as well as other common back problems. Our physical therapists are medical experts with years of training to evaluate your back problem, finding the root cause of your sciatica. An individualized treatment plan is created to guide you through the recovery process and maximize your success. When coming to Arlington PhysicalTherapy, our friendly and knowledgeable therapists spend time with you. We train you on specific and easy exercises that will relieve the pain in your back and legs. In addition, our specialized hands-on therapy helps to gently loosen tight muscles and joints in your spine and legs. Your pain is quickly relieved and your flexibility restored, so you can feel like yourself again. Our cutting-edge treatments are doctor recommended and are specifically designed for you to reach your healthcare goals. Knowing all this should give you a headstart in warding off painful sciatica. After all, it may be as simple as learning to stand tall.

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Difficulty With Sciatica Pain?

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Patient Success Spotlight The dry needling has been wonderful in reducing my pain!

Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

SINGLE KNEE TO CHEST STRETCH Lie on your back and bring one knee to your chest, keeping the other foot flat on the floor. Keep your lower back pressed to the floor. Hold for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times with each leg. Stretches Lower Back

“My experience at APT changed my life considerably. I progressed from having pain almost constantly during my waking hours to only having pain when I was tired. The exercises I learned are helping me strengthen my core, but the dry needling has been wonderful in reducing my pain. Matt has helped me change my attitude about my condition: I will never be pain free due to the degeneration in my back, but the exercises and the even-up device Matt recommended for my shoe have certainly helped reduce the pain. I would recommend APT based on my experience. Everyone there seems genuinely interested in their patients.” - Marilyn G.

BENEFITS OF MASSAGE THERAPY Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Massage may be helpful for: • Anxiety • Digestive disorders • Fibromyalgia • Headaches • Insomnia related to stress • Myofascial pain syndrome • Soft tissue strains or injuries • Sports injuries • Temporomandibular joint pain

Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection.



June 28th 5:30pm

When you have back pain or sciatica, you need to feel better FAST, so you can get back on your feet and keep on moving. Our responsibilities never end: kids, grandkids, jobs, leisure activities... but back pain can stop you in your tracks. We take mobility for granted. Walking, hiking, cycling, running: these are all activities you may have loved in the past but now you may be considering giving up because of back pain or sciatica discomfort. The Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop at Arlington Physical Therapy, will teach you about the latest treatment techniques to figure out exactly where and how your pain affects your movement and your physical health. Bonus! 1 st three people to register will receive a 3oz BioFreeze roll- on. All attendees will receive a Special Report: “The Top 10 Burning Questions for Sciatica.” Register online at or call our office at 901-317-7054! We Want To Help You Get Better Once And For All!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn: ü The ONE everyday activity sufferers are doing wrong which blocks healing and actually makes back pain worse. ü The 3 MOST COMMON CAUSES of lower back pain sciatica discomfort. ü Why no two back pains are the same and how to work with your physical therapist to develop a unique, tailored treatment plan. ü How sciatica affects the health of the rest of your body. ü A 100% natural and safe solution exists and how you can access it.

Workshops are free but seats are limited. Only 30 spots available. Don’t delay, register today by calling now! 5780 Airline Rd #109 Arlington, TN 38002 P : (901) 317-7054 F : (901) 317-7064

AVOID ACHES & PAINS IN THE GARDEN THIS SEASON Common gardening activities, such as digging, planting, weeding, mulching, andrakingcancausestressandstrainonmusclesand joints.This isespecially true for senior citizens and people who are normally sedentary. Different body areas such as the shoulders, neck, back, and knees can be vulnerable to injury during gardening.

These tips can help prevent injuries: • Warm up before you garden. A 10 minute brisk walk and stretches for the spine and limbs are good ways to warm up.

• Change positions frequently to avoid stiffness or cramping.

•Makeuseofagardencartorwheelbarrow tomoveheavyplantingmaterials or tools. Be sure to keep your back straight while using a wheelbarrow. • If kneeling on both knees causes discomfort in your back, try kneeling on one and keep the other foot on the ground. Use knee pads or a gardening pad when kneeling. • If kneeling or leaning down to the ground causes significant pain in your back or knees, consider using elevated planters to do your gardening. • Avoid bending your wrist upwards when pulling things or using gardening tools. Instead, keep your wrist straight and use your shoulder muscles to pull and lift. • End your gardening session with some gentle backward bending of your low back, a short walk and light stretching, similar to stretches done before starting. Gardeners gain many vitamins and nutrients in their bodies naturally. Vitamin D from working during the day, growing and eating vegetables, Orangetheory Fitness Free One Hour Workout! Summer’s on the way. Start burning for your best swimsuit body with a result-driven workout that everybody from “The Today Show” to Shape magazine and Men’s journal is talking about. So join us for a 1-hour workout that keeps burning calories for up to 36 hours, for free. Start Burning Fat for FREE! Book a Free Workout Today. Call 901-302-6132 for more information.

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