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April 2020

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Easter Gives Us a Push Toward New Beginnings Helping Injured Alabamians Make Great Decisions Regarding Their Legal Issues

April brings with it the promise of showers, blooming flowers, and, of course, Easter. We have spent the past few months preparing ourselves to celebrate the Easter season because it is one of the most important holidays of the year. During Lent, we focused on what Easter truly means, and it gave us a chance to make a small sacrifice in our lives to better ourselves. Once Easter Day arrives, we’ll experience new beginnings and the promise of what’s to come. Many people view new beginnings as unknown territory, and that can cause a lot of worry. I believe, by nature, people tend to fear anything they’re unfamiliar with. But when you overcome that fear and take the first step onto an untrod path, you enrich your life through new experiences. The older I get, the more my views change on new beginnings. I no longer view a fresh start with fear and trepidation; I see them as exciting adventures instead. It’s thrilling to see what each new day brings. Those new experiences bring joy and light into my life. Something I’ve been doing for the past year that I was first afraid to try is an exercise class called Battle Republic. The workout involves punching bags and boxing, and it’s a high- intensity training program. My daughter was doing it for a while and persuaded me to join her one day. I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything like that and was worried about

trying it for the first time. But I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the class, and now I attend several times a week. If it weren’t for my daughter, I would have never found out about Battle Republic and gained a new hobby that I love. I had a similar experience when I started teaching Sunday school for seventh graders. Although I’d wanted to do it for a while, when I finally signed up, I suddenly began to doubt myself, thinking, “Can I really do this and do a good job?” But, again, all those worries went

away once I got started. Now, I look forward to teaching those kids every Sunday.

The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown, but when you give an unknown adventure a chance, you end up asking yourself why you were even worried about it in the first place. Easter reminds me of this principle. In life, I’m often faced with choices that make me step outside my comfort zone, and I might have to make sacrifices —whether it’s waking up earlier to attend a class or cutting back on a sugary treat I enjoy. But it’s always good to try. You might not think you have the strength or willpower to go out on a limb, but when you look at the example of Christ and what he sacrificed to give us a new beginning, you can see that small changes are easily achievable.

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