Trout Brook Landscaping - March 2020

March 2020 Tree Care


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Why It’s the Best Time of the Year for Tree Work

pathogens are dormant, so you’ll minimize any risks of infection and rot. 3. REDUCED STRESS When trees are dormant, all the energy and plant sugars migrate down to the roots for winter storage, so removing a live branch isn’t as stressful to the plant.

During the past month, we have been focused on tree service, as there hasn’t been much snow. You may have seen us around town with our bright yellow shirts. It’s important to me to keep the core employees, who the business depends upon, as busy as possible during the winter, and then come springtime, our team runs like a well-oiled machine. In late winter, we get to start dreaming about our trees and shrubs coming back to life. Before they do, though, they may need to be cleaned up and pruned of deadwood and overgrown branches.

In the seasonal cycle, March is an important time of year for trees because colder weather is ideal for tree pruning. Plus, the tree can start healing its wounds as soon as it springs to life in April. There are three main benefits to pruning trees in winter. 1. EASIER ACCESS With all of the leaves gone, the arborist can get a good look at the tree structure, access the canopy, and see dead branches that need removal. 2. DISEASE PREVENTION When you hire us to prune during colder months, disease-causing

THE SPRING GROWTH FLUSH During the spring growth spurt known as the “growth flush,” trees shouldn’t be pruned heavily, as it CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 ...


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