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Liberal leader visits


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Québec Liberal party leader Philippe Couillard visited Argenteuil last week, making stops in communities including Harrington. He met a large group of voters during a visit to Dépanneur Kilmar. Couillard is preparing for his first campaign as leader of the Liberals. About 1,500 students from across the Upper Canada District School Board will be run- ning for honours in Brockville on October 30 at the inaugural Upper Canada Cup Cross- Country Championships. Grades 4 to 8 athletes will compete in the event where microchip timing technology will be used. This is the first cross-country championships held within the board’s new league. “We will give a first-class experience to our students,” promised convener Randy Givogue. He said the event has offered a chance for students to get fit while training for the competition, as well as to enjoy the social benefits of meeting new people and competing as a team. It also offers cross-country athletes a culminating meet at which they can compete at the highest level. Upper Canada Cup October 30

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