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November 2019

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Coming Together The Smiley Law Potluck

Every year before we head off for our own family feast, we bring Thanksgiving to the office! It’s become one of my favorite traditions — in the run-up to the holiday, we’ll pick a day of the week and enjoy a potluck-style lunch. We squeeze tables and chairs into our lobby and have a nice sit-down meal. Best of all, it’s not just the firm enjoying this meal — all our families get a seat at the table! In the morning, everyone brings in a dish to add to the celebration, which can make things complicated in an office without a full kitchen. Thankfully, my wife, Jen, oversees the reheating operation — with just one microwave, it can be a real challenge to get everything ready in time. Having her there to oversee reheating logistics ensures everything comes together on time! And it’s not just Jen lending a helping hand; our sons do as well! Jude and Luke pitch in by setting the table. They put the placemats out, make sure everyone has a cup, plate, and utensils and have a laugh doing it. The boys are always excited to come see their daddy at work, but this day, in particular, is special — they get to break Mom’s rule about soft drinks. Between the excitement and the sugar, all the kids end up as entertainers for the meal. They’ll try everyone’s dishes and tell the chiefs exactly what they think with the blunt but innocent honesty of children their age. Good or bad, their reactions are always good for a laugh. In general, the conversations at a dinner table full of kids and lawyers tend to be very entertaining.

the table reminds me of how mature they’re getting. The fact they’re running this little dinner operation inside my own firm only reinforces their growth. Watching our sons’ independence and confidence during events like this make Jen and me very proud. Of course, we have to remember not to eat too much at this potluck. After all, we need to save room for Thanksgiving itself (and Jen’s amazing grain-free stuffed turkey). But at both meals, I feel incredibly lucky for the people I have in my life. From coworkers and clients to my own family, I certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

Laughs aside, it’s great to see Jude and Luke step up and help out with this little tradition. Watching them set

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

-Seth Smiley

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