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A few years ago, I gave my mom a card for Mother’s Day that featured a little boy dressed up in a homemade superhero costume. The inside of the card read, “Superheroes have Super Moms.” Mom smiled when she read it, saying that the little boy on the card reminded her of me when I was small. I loved to dress up like all the superheroes, but my favorite was Superman. With a bath towel draped around my neck, goggles on my head, rubber boots on my feet, and Superman pajamas — or just Superman underwear on those sweltering Georgia summer days — I was ready to leap over the tallest buildings in a single bound. My mother’s battle with Parkinson’s ended on February 17, 2019. This year will be the first Mother’s Day without my mom here in person. But when I look back on her 82 years of life, I know what I had expressed to her on the day I gave her that card is true: My mom, Shirley Tharpe, was a Super Mom. Super Moms always want to make sure their little superheroes are safe. They make sure little superheroes don’t catch a cold because they forgot to wear a jacket in cold

weather, won’t drown because they ate lunch 30 minutes before swimming, and wear clean underwear in case they get into an accident. My mom accomplished all of these feats by using her own superpowers. She had “super Mom radar” for the constant detection of misbehaving children, especially her middle son. I can still hear Mom saying, “Joel Kevin Tharpe, what did you do this time?” I always knew I was in big trouble when she called me by my full name. She also had X-ray vision. With a second set of eyes on the back of her head, Mom could see right through even the best of tales. Super Moms are also loyal, and they believe in their little superheroes. When I was 5, I had a small growth in my neck. The doctors didn’t know if it was cancerous or benign, but they decided I needed surgery to remove it. My dad told me later that Mom never stopped pacing the floor in the waiting room, never stopped praying for me, and throughout the many hours in recovery following the surgery, never left my bedside — not even for a single moment. Super Moms believe in a power greater than them. I’ve always said that you have to actually know someone to be able to adequately introduce them to someone else. Because of her personal relationship with Jesus, Mom was able to introduce me to the Jesus she knew. She taught me that God was always with me and that He loved me no matter what happens. Mom also fully understood and harnessed the power of prayer. Even before I was born, Mom prayed that God would help her protect me,

take care of me, and show me the right path to take at all times in my life. I am the son, the brother, the husband, the father, the lawyer, and the man that I am today because Mom prayed for me and over me for my entire life. Because of Mom’s faith in a power greater than her Super Mom powers, there has not been, nor will there be, any season of my life when God is not with me, even now that Mom is no longer with me in person. Whenever Mom and I would have to part ways, she’d always say “Do you have to go so soon?” Knowing I would see her again, I would always reply, “I’ll see you soon Mom, so soon you won’t even have time to miss me.”


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