Marshall Orthodontics - Q3 2021

The Secret to a Healthier, Happier Kiddo 5 PROBLEMS BRACES CAN SOLVE FOR YOUR CHILD Most people assume the only perk of braces is straight, white teeth, but in reality, their wires and bands can do far more for your children! Here’s a quick peek at just five problems braces can solve. Keep these in mind as you prepare to send your kids back to school. 1. Struggles With Self-Confidence As you might recall from our January newsletter, an Invisalign-Harris Poll survey of more than 2,000 people who’d had their teeth straightened found 92% were more confident after treatment! That’s an amazing result and can be a crucial boost for teens struggling with self-image. 2. Their Status at Work or School That same study showed respondents felt they were perceived as happier (60%), more attractive (50%), more successful (50%), and smarter (40%) with straight teeth. Statistics back this up! Another survey conducted by Kelton for Invisalign found Americans assume people with straight teeth are wealthier, more successful, and more likely to be hired than their peers with crooked teeth. 3. Crooked Teeth Not only does a straight, white smile look more attractive, but it’s also healthier for your child’s mouth! Crooked teeth can misalign their bite and put pressure on a particular tooth, making cracking and chipping more likely. 4. A Gap-Toothed Smile Braces are an effective, foolproof way of eliminating gaps in your child’s smile. Whether the gap is between their front teeth or somewhere else, they’ll never have to worry about it again after treatment. 5. Cavities, Tooth Decay, and Gum Disease As funny as it sounds, braces actually make it easier to clean your teeth by spacing the teeth properly! This means that once your child has braces, they’ll be able to brush more thoroughly and prevent expensive health issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. Your kids could enjoy these benefits in as little as 16 months. Call our team at 864-336-2965 or visit to book a FREE consultation. We offer three types of braces (traditional metal, Damon self-ligating, and Damon clear self-ligating), so there’s an option for everyone.

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