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January 2019

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If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. New Orleans has two new years. While our calendars may say 2019, in my experience, this town doesn’t truly get rolling again until after Mardi Gras. Why start that new diet when you know king cakes are just around the corner, right? But with my favorite Tuesday landing all the way in March this year, we here at the firm have decided to hit the ground running early. Looking back, 2018 was an insightful year for us. Not only did we grow, but we learned how we want to keep growing. Our unique blend of construction and personal injury law has formed a very specialized niche for us. Many members of our team are connected to those worlds in more ways than just legal training, myself included. We’ve found that this personal experience complements our professional expertise and makes the difference in the courtroom. People like having a representative who has been in their shoes and knows, on a personal level, what they and their loved ones are going through.

rap, and we’ll readily admit that there are some practitioners who do live up to the myths. But speaking as someone who saw firsthand the difference a lawyer was able to make for my own family, I know the good that attorneys can do in this world. You’ll find more on my personal experience inside this issue, but speaking on behalf of my entire team here at the Smiley Law Firm, I can say we all believe in changing the face of this profession. We are humbled to have grown largely from referrals, we are proud that we treat people like family, and we are grateful that we get to help people overcome some of the most challenging situations they may ever face in their lives. To us, that’s what being a lawyer is all about. Looking over the ways we’ve grown since our inception, I can say with certainty that our commitment to these values has been more than validated. Thank you for being a part of this mission with us. This firm would not be possible without the trust that led you to seek us out in the first place. We hope that 2019 proves a bright and fruitful year for you and yours, with plenty of king cake to go around.

“Speaking as someone who saw firsthand the difference a lawyer was able to make for my own family, I know the good that attorneys can do in this world.”

We also learned to stick to this wheelhouse. While we’d love to be legal superheroes, swooping in to handle every case brought to us, this simply isn’t realistic. We’ve learned it works far better for everyone if we refer matters that are outside our areas of expertise to specialized attorneys we respect. That way, we can focus on what we do best while helping you find the specialized representation you deserve. This dedication to what we do best fits the larger ethos of our firm. From the time of our founding, we’ve wanted to do our part to change the public’s perception of lawyers. Our industry gets a bad


–Seth Smiley

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