10 Ways to Virtually Fundraise

10 ways YOU can virtually fundraise!

Are you looking for a way to support the melanoma community? Check out these 10 fun ways to fundraise from the comfort of your home!

1. Facebook Birthday Fundraisers Is your birthday coming up?

One of the easiest fundraisers to organize is asking your friends, co-workers and family members to donate in honor of your birthday to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

How can you get your Facebook fundraiser started? It only takes 5 easy steps to set up your page today!

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account and click “Fundraiser” on your tool bar

Step 2: • Select the MRF as an organization you are supporting • Set a goal for yourself • Select an end date for your page

Step 3: • Give your fundraiser a name • Share your melanoma story! Think about what melanoma means to you and why you want to do this

Step 4: Pick a background picture. You can use an MRF branded picture, a photo of yourself or a picture of a loved one

Step 5: Now that you have made a personalized page it is time to share it. Invite people to your page and re-share the page daily. The more you share it, the more likely you are to increase your donations. Consider reaching out to people personally and inviting them to give back to the MRF.

2. Online Auction/Yard Sale

Now is your chance to de-clutter your house and go through that storage room you have been pushing off!

Step 1: Pick out some items you no longer need. Maybe that jacket you impulsively bought online… Step 2: Select a platform you want to sell your products on. There are so many apps and platforms to choose from, such as Facebook, eBay, Amazon etc. Step 3: Take high quality pictures of all your products to post online. You don’t need a high-quality camera for this. Just a steady hand and your cell phone.

Step 4: Let your shoppers know why you are doing this. Share your melanoma story with them and that all funds received will benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation. Imagine getting rid of that clutter and doing something so impactful for others in the process!

3. Stair Climb Challenge Step 1: Plan your timeline. How long do you want to do this fundraiser? A week, two weeks or a month? Step 2: Make a fundraising page online. You can use the MRF Everydayhero page or use Facebook fundraising. Make sure to customize your page with pictures and add your melanoma story. Everydayhero link: https://virtual-fundraising.everydayhero.do/ Step 3: Send a message out on social media and through email to your community, asking them to follow along and donate to your event. Step 4: Set a goal for each day! Sep 5: Share your progress and journey everyday on social media. Keep your followers engaged!

Each step is one step closer to supporting the melanoma community! Don’t forget to tag the MRF on Facebook at @MelanomaResearchFoundation & on Instagram and Twitter at @Curemelanoma

4. Virtual Happy Hour

Step 1: Select a date and time of your happy hour! Step 2: Create your “save the date” on Facebook. Invite your friends and family to your event. Customize your event page with pictures and your melanoma story. Step 3: Set an entry fee. This could be a set price or allow people to donate how ever much they want. You can create a Facebook fundraiser

or use our Everydayhero fundraising page: https://virtual-fundraising.everydayhero.do/

Step 4: Make it fun! Pick a movie you can all watch at the same time, look up fun cocktails that people can easily make at home or have a competition on who can make the coolest drink.

Have fun with it! This is your happy hour and it can go for as long as you want, while staying in your pajamas!

5. Custom T-Shirt Sale

Who does not love a comfy t-shirt? Get creative and create your own t-shirts online and turn them into a fundraiser .

Step 1: Design your T-shirt! Make it unique and different. **If you want to use any MRF branded content, please contact nnishanian@melanoma.org for further assistance. Step 2: Share your story! Tell everyone why you made this shirt and what fighting melanoma means to you! Step 3: Share your design on social media! Send out an email with the design to engage with your community and friends. Step 4: Track your progress and post updates on how much you have raised. Keep your community engaged and invested.

Find a t-shirt company that works best for you! For example: Custom Ink does T-shirt fundraisers. Check out their website here!

6. AmazonSmile

Do you like to shop? What if you could go shopping and still donate to the Melanoma Research Foundation with no additional cost to you… AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

Click here to learn how to make your charity of choice the Melanoma Research Foundation!

7. Read-a-thon

Looking for a kid-friendly activity? Are your kids home from school? Challenge your child to pick up a book and start their own fundraiser for the Melanoma Research Foundation!

This is a great educational activity where kids can challenge themselves to read for a full month. For every hour they spend reading, your child can help support the melanoma community. It is also a great way to keep them occupied and they can challenge their friends by making it not just fundraiser but a reading competition.

It is time to pick up a book and get started! Click here to access the Read-A-Thon tracker

8. Beard Challenge

Men, are you looking for another reason to bring back “No Shave November”?

Step 1: Create an Everydayhero fundraising page to track all donations: https://virtual-fundraising.everydayhero.do/ Step 2: Customize your page and share why you are doing this fundraiser for the MRF, add photos and share the link with your family and friends on social media Step 3: Set a weekly goal! For example: Raise $50 every week to continue your beard growing efforts Step 4: During week 3 offer the first person to donate $100 (feel free to increase or decrease as you see fit) to do something crazy to your beard. Maybe they can choose what color you should dye your beard! Make sure to share it on social media to keep your supporters, friends and family updated. Step 5: Once you have reached your breaking point of having the colored beard on your face. Make a live stream video of you thanking everyone who donated and for following along. Share the total amount you raised and let them know what that money will be going towards. This is your chance to educate your community about melanoma. Then it is the moment you have been waiting for, it is time to shave that beard! Don’t forget to tag the MRF on Facebook at @MelanomaResearchFoundation & on Instagram and Twitter at @Curemelanoma

9. Have a “non-event” event Are you stuck at home?

We are taking “social distancing” to a whole new level! Host a “non-event” event and invite your network to do the same!

Step 1: Create an “invitation” to send out. You can even create a Facebook event and invite people that way. Step 2: Step up a fundraising page using Everydayhero page or Facebook’s fundraising platform and constantly share it on social media. Everydayhero link: https://virtual-fundraising.everydayhero.do/ Step 3: Pick a date, a time and tell people that nothing will happen. Let them know all they must do is stay in their pajamas, grab a bowl of popcorn and relax. Step 4: Pick a movie that you can all watch at the same time and post a live stream video of you doing absolutely nothing. Kick back with some popcorn and a drink and enjoy doing nothing together!

10. Fitness Class

Do you have a background in fitness? Host your own fitness fundraiser online and get moving to raise funds for an organization you are passionate about!

Step 1: Pick a date, time and how much a ticket will cost to your virtual fitness class. Step 2: Send out an invitation or make a Facebook event. Either way you want to share this event with your community, friends and family. Step 3: Download a platform where you can easily showcase the class, such as Google Hangout or Zoom. Step 4: Get the party started and start moving your way to helping the melanoma community.

Thank you for supporting the melanoma community! We are so appreciative that you are helping us continue to raise critical funds for melanoma research during this uncertain time.

Please contact Nicole Nishanian if you have any questions about starting your own virtual fundraiser today!

Nicole Nishanian Development Associate nnishanian@melanoma.org

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