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229-888-0888 • Justice MONTHLY Rawson and Me THE PUPPY WHO WAS THERE FOR ME, AND THE OLD DOG I STILL CHERISH TODAY M y dad passed away just over nine years ago, and like any child does when they lose a parent, I was struggling with his passing. But at the time, I had a distraction to keep me busy throughout the grief and


arrangements. Amid supporting my family and processing what happened, I was also in charge of a 10-week-old puppy I had just adopted almost three weeks prior. At the time, Rawson was just like any other English Labrador puppy. He was excited, rambunctious, and a naughty troublemaker. Looking back, Rawson was the perfect, albeit exhausting, distraction I needed when one of the hardest events in my life had just occurred, even if his antics were unbearable at times. Rawson would chew on anything he could get his mouth on, and that lasted for a few years. His crazy, wild Lab energy was insurmountable, but thankfully, he had a sweet personality to make up for it. Despite his troublemaking, Rawson was a cushion to soften the blow of such a tremendous loss, and he’s been by my side through nine years of highs and lows. Today, that wild puppy has been replaced with an old man. Rawson is much more content with a nap on the couch than he is with a game of fetch, but he’s still a great companion. I actually had plenty of canine companions growing up, so adopting my own dog wasn’t that out of the ordinary. It did take some getting used to when I realized that I was solely in charge of my own dog, but at any given point growing up, we had one or two dogs in our home. Actually, during a brief period, we had three dogs at once. My mom always had cocker spaniels, but when I was 13 years old, I begged my parents for a golden retriever. Finally relenting, we adopted Bob the golden retriever, and I still laugh to this day thinking about how little responsibility I took for this dog I wanted so badly. Sure, I played and romped around the house with Bob, but he was ultimately my mom’s dog. Bob died at the age of 15, having lived a long, happy life following my mom around and hiking all over Colorado with her.



Over the years, I have thought about adopting another puppy. I had these temptations diminished recently after a friend of mine adopted a Labrador puppy. Watching this friend manage potty training, the constant chewing, and the energetic Lab spirit makes me think that maybe I don’t need another puppy. Rawson’s not one to get excited over puppies anymore, either. Practically speaking, a puppy might not fit with two old dogs like Rawson and me. Of course, I can’t help but admit that Rawson was just the puppy I needed during a time when a puppy shouldn’t have been able to fit into my life.

-William F. “Trey” Underwood, III

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Between vacations, bonfires, and sporting tournaments, your children’s sleep schedule probably went on break when they did this summer. With school fast approaching, it’s vital to get your kids back on a proper sleep schedule. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, getting enough sleep can significantly improve a child’s growth and cognitive function. But getting a restful night’s sleep is easier said than done when kids have had almost complete freedom for three months. Try these tips to get your kids snoozing through August and prepared for school. START EARLY AND GO SLOWLY When practicing this tip, think of the old adage: “It takes 21 days to break a habit.” If your kids have been going to bed late this summer, set a time when they must go to bed, but don’t make it

too far off the time they have been regularly hitting the hay. If they shuffle off to bed around 10 p.m., push their bedtime to 9:45 p.m., and then push it back to 9:30 p.m. one week later. Slowly work your way back to an appropriate time, and bedtime will be easier when school starts. MAKE IT EASY Though the days may be getting shorter, it’s still relatively light out at night, making it nearly impossible for your kids to doze off when they should. Sleep experts recommend creating a sleeping space that mimics a cave: dark, cool, and quiet. This means sunlight shouldn’t sneak into the room, and the home should be a quiet zone after bedtime. No one wants to sleep while everyone else is having fun, so it’s important that everyone in the home is quiet at bedtime. JUST RELAX This is a rule your family should follow year-round, not just when you want to reestablish a routine. At a certain time each night, begin the nightly wind-down. For example, at 8 p.m. shut off your screens, put on pajamas, and engage in a relaxing activity, like reading a book or doing some yoga. Signaling to your body and your family that it’s time for bed will help your kiddos, and you, fall asleep at an appropriate time.


Each year, Georgia lawmakers revise and formulate laws to protect citizens’ rights. Lawmakers target new issues every session, but the government continues to take a vested interest in revising workers' compensation. This spring, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 135 into law, putting its changes into effect on July 1. For workers, this bill was a tremendous victory, and for the first time in over a decade, lawmakers are building claimants’ rights. Previously, bills have eroded the rights and compensation of workers injured on Georgia worksites. In fact, this is the first time since Trey Underwood has been practicing law that lawmakers voted in favor of claimants. The bill increases the maximum temporary total disability (TTD) claims rate to $675 per week and the temporary partial disability (TPD) claims rate to $450. In addition, the maximum compensation a sole-surviving spouse can receive in the event of a worker death rose to $270,000. These jumps are great news for claimants who are unable to work after an injury. They rely on this income to live, especially in the event of a catastrophic accident. Medical benefits and treatments were also impacted by the passing of Senate Bill 135. Injured workers no longer have to worry about a set cap influencing their medical treatment after about eight years.

There are now limited exceptions on the 400-week cap in medical benefits

for noncatastrophic injuries to allow for the replacement and maintenance of prosthetics, spinal cord stimulators, pain pumps, or various other forms of medical equipment.

There are two limits with this extension, however. The item that

prompts the extension must have been acquired within 400 weeks of the injury, and the exception is limited to injuries that occurred on or after July 1, 2013. While these law changes are a step in the right direction for injured workers, proper representation can be vital to ensuring you are given the compensation you deserve and need. The experts at the Law Offices of William F. Underwood have years of experience helping clients land back on their feet after an injury. Learn more about what we can do for you or about changes to workers' compensation rights by calling 229-888-0888 or visiting

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YOUR SUMMER READING LIST Top Books From Lawyers Turned Authors

Summer is the season to enjoy the extra time you have. While we love taking advantage of the season for family trips or enjoying outdoor hobbies, I can appreciate some “me time” by reading a good book! Here are three books from lawyers turned authors that we suggest you add to your reading list.

known as one of the most compelling novels of the late ‘80s. It’s a great read that takes a man’s passion, attraction, and obsession for an old colleague to crazy heights as he attempts to prove his innocence in her murder trial. ‘A Time to Kill’ by John Grisham John Grisham, a University of Mississippi School of Law graduate and former member of Mississippi’s

House of Representatives, set the stage for his writing career with this riveting book. Published in 1989 and inspired by a real-life case, this deep courtroom drama dives into the topic of racial violence. A story of retribution and justice is set as the life of a 10-year-old girl is destroyed by two drunken men. The town reacts with shock until her father takes the opportunity to handle the situation his way.

‘China Lake: Evan Delaney #1’ by Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner spent her time as a lawyer practicing in the greater LA area and is a former law

writing professor at the University of California. In the book, the main character, Evan Delaney, is dragged into a nightmare situation in China Lake. Her ex-sister-in-law plans to regain custody of her son and disappear into the Remnant, a religious group with a fanatical and dangerous following. This is a fantastic kick off to a series of thrillers and has received praise from many authors, including Stephen King, who said this book was “the finest crime-suspense series I’ve come across in the last 20 years.” ‘Presumed Innocent’ by Scott Turow Scott Turow, a former assistant U.S. attorney, has given his books a keen voice. “Presumed Innocent” has been

As always, while these are amazing reads relating to the law, if you ever find yourself curious about the nonfiction realities of these laws or need legal assistance in general, we’re always here for you.

We Value You! At the Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C., the trust we build with our clients is our most valuable asset. To show our appreciation, we would like to thank the following clients who have referred others to us since our July newsletter: Andre Robinson, Kevin Greene, Ira Adams, Larry McCray, Kaneisha Edwards-Church, Tajuana McPherson, Alford Hawkins, and Willie James Your recommendation is greatly treasured by everyone at our office. Clients can also leave their comments on our services through Google reviews ! These statements give us critical feedback and help other clients facing stressful life situations to find a dependable lawyer. Previous and current clients can also receive free notary services at our office. Learn more about this service by giving us a call at 229-888-0888.

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‘EGO IS THE ENEMY’ Once in a while, a book comes along with a truly transcendent message. “Ego Is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday is one such work. This book is not just for business owners, athletes, or those trying to lose weight; it’s a guide for everyone. By digging into the root of the human condition, this instant bestseller examines the single greatest threat to our own success: ourselves.

Get Over Yourself and Find Success

suggests, ego hurts us regardless of which end of the spectrum we fall on. Holiday argues our self-perception can act as both a roadblock and a pitfall: Those with low self-esteem get stopped by doubt, while those with inflated egos often trip over their own arrogance. Those who unshackle themselves from their own personal narratives, however, can find lasting success. “Ego Is the Enemy” is rich with examples of this concept in action as it explores the lives and contributions of often overlooked historical figures like Katharine Graham and Howard Hughes. These powerful individuals remain relatively obscure thanks to their tendency to put their work before self-promotion, yet their impact on global events is undeniable. Pulling from history, literature, and the latest psychological findings, Holiday weaves an argument as engaging as it is thought-provoking. At times contemplative and other times combative, “Ego Is the Enemy” holds up a mirror to readers and asks them to challenge what they see. For those willing to attempt conquering themselves, this book is a worthy companion.

This ambitious premise shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re familiar with the author. Dropping out of college at 19 to be mentored by business strategist Robert Greene, Holiday has become one of the most trusted advisors of our time, working with brands like Google, Taser, and Complex. His other bestseller, “The Obstacle Is the Way,” tackles the difficulties of the creative process and our natural tendency to avoid necessary steps toward our

success. “Ego Is the Enemy” dives deeper into the latter concept, highlighting ways we sabotage or deceive ourselves.

For Holiday, ego is defined loosely as our perception of self. Some may have a poorer outlook on themselves than others, but, as the book’s title

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