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APR 2018


I have one suggestion if you go to either of these theme parks — get the VIP pass. It’s worth it. It’s even better than an express pass. We got our own tour guide, and there were only 10 other people in our group. We got to meet cool people from all over the world — some from Canada, some from Asia — and our guide marched us right up to the front of the line for each ride. It was wicked. We did 12 rides at Universal Studios that day. It was 84 degrees out most of the time we were in Orlando, and with those perfect conditions, I got in a few rounds of golf between all the fun at the theme parks. It was the first time I’ve played since the Thursday before Christmas — not that I’m counting. After the nice break, I’m ready to jump into a busy month here at the office. Thanks to your organization, we’ve gotten many tax returns out ahead of time. We’re putting on the final touches and getting them sent out. Don’t forget, on April 28, we’re hosting our sixth annual Shredding Day! You bring your previous tax returns; we bring the shredders and the party. You clean out your basement and get to have fun while you’re doing it!

I went to Disneyland when I was 5, and at that age, it really was one of the most

magical places on Earth. And since then, I hadn’t been back until last month. In March, my family and I headed to Orlando for a quick trip and got to take in the magical world that Universal Studios and Disney have created. My youngest daughter, who’s 18 and getting ready to go to college, made her sister extremely jealous with all her pictures of Harry Potter World. My middle daughter is a huge fan of Harry Potter, and was disappointed that she couldn’t join us. We made sure to save her some butterbeer, though. On one of the Harry Potter rides, we got to go through the underside of Harry Potter World, and it appears as if you’re flying through Hogwarts. It was wicked! My favorite rides were the roller coasters, which I didn’t expect to find so thrilling as an adult. There was one that was flipped and it whipped us around. It almost, but didn’t quite, go upside down. Another one, a Mummy- themed ride, all took place in a pitch- black giant shell of a building. Inside, it looks as though you’re going through corridors of a pyramid, zooming through in your car.

This also happens to be Superhero Day, so if you see some folks dressed up in heroic garb, you’ll know why. Inside the newsletter, you’ll find more details about the big day and what to expect. It’ll be a fun and useful time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and clear out some of your files. We look forward to seeing you here!

-Jeff Zufall

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