Dova Center February/March 2018

February/March 2018

Live Outside Yourself

The Best Way You Can Feel Lucky

In March, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green and pinching our friends who don’t. We often talk about the luck of the Irish, too. Although I do believe in pure luck, I also believe we have a little bit of control over our luck based on how we take care of ourselves. When we first meet someone who we would consider to be lucky, we often don’t realize the sort of things they do in order to pursue their goals. After we get to know these people, we understand they are genuinely good people living with grace. They may make life look easy and seem plain lucky, but there is always a deeper story. Most often, they’ve worked for what they have by taking quality care of themselves and others.

This year, I have begun to put more emphasis on gratitude, and my meditation practices have helped me immensely. My focus in life has shifted. I am no longer pressuring myself. Instead, I am focusing on running a successful and inclusive practice, learning from teachers, teaching those who wish to learn from me, taking care of my family, and improving the community. Just like my family friend, I’ve found that when I focus less on myself and more on others, I experience more luck. I think it is important for all of us to step outside ourselves and look at the way we affect the world around us. If you are feeling unlucky, then take a good look at yourself. Are you kind and compassionate? Are you improving your community? Do you put the needs of others above your own? No matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in, there is always room for growth and improvement. Make it your goal every day to positively affect those around you, and I promise your luck will grow.

don’t live necessarily easy lives. An example of this would be a family friend and father figure of mine. He is such a giving and generous person. By constantly looking out for others, he finds ways he can serve those around him. To an outsider looking in, he would seem like a very lucky man, but in my opinion, he has earned all the fortune in his life. In the past, I’ve never considered myself lucky. I have often felt like the underdog, and I’ve had to work extremely hard on improving myself and achieving balance in my life. Recently, I have been more focused on gratitude for the things I already have. I have a wonderful husband, an incredible son, a great career, and I have experienced countless lovely things. When I start to focus on what I have and the things that bring me happiness, I start to feel more lucky.

When I look around at those who practice caring for others and self-care, I can say they

“When I start to focus onwhat I have and the things that bring me happiness, I start to feel more lucky.”

Take care.


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