2021 EFP Financial Reporting & Consolidation Brochure r1.1

The financial reporting and consolidation features of Epicor Financial Planner.

EFP for Financial Reporting & Consolidtation

Epicor Financial Planner for Financial Reporting & Consolidation

The SaaS Reporting & Consolidation solution that offers depth, sophistication, and ease of use in equal measures

Sound financial management is the backbone of a well- functioning organization. Every stakeholder must be aligned with their business plan and strategically direct their resources to steer the company towards future growth. Epicor Financial Planner empowers your decision- makers to decide which path would be best to take by providing accurate financial reports and statements. It also addresses the lack of transparency in financial reporting that has hounded many finance departments. The EFP Difference in Reporting & Consolidation Data integrity issues, security vulnerabilities, version-control problems, consolidation and distribution difficulties, and collaboration issues are just few of the significant problems Epicor Financial Planner addresses. EFP brings to the table a reliable SaaS solution that empowers finance departments to deliver relevant and correct information on time, drastically reduce time spent on reporting and consolidation, and handle simple to complex reporting needs without compromising performance. EFP pulls data directly from your ERP system (whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises). This means that EFP initially follows the account mapping in your General ledger to start with. If you want to change how certain items are mapped, you have the power to do this within EFP while leaving your ERP data intact to ensure GL integrity.


EFP for Financial Reporting & Consolidtation

The Right Balance to Maximize Insights – Financial and Management Reporting Your business needs financial reporting for compliance to ensure the numbers add up and prevent potential cash flow issues. However, it would be best if you also had management reporting to make better business decisions backed by solid data.

Sample Financial Reports you get with EFP (non-exhaustive) • Income Statement • Profit & Loss statement • Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • Statement of Cash flows • Balance Sheet

EFP offers you both financial and management reporting to provide critical oversight and account management.

The EFP, you can enforce your chart of accounts that you have created. By standardizing rules across the organization using EFP, you control the policies and procedures governing how transactions are posted to specific accounts. This will result in accurate and factual financial statements for a specific period of time to truly show the state of the company´s health. While management reporting is not mandatory and is meant for internal use only, producing management reports allow you to segment the business effectively. By doing so, you can see more details and analyze the things that are driving the business.

Sample Management Reports you get with EFP (non-exhaustive) • Sales Reports • Department Reports

* AR/AP and Sales Reports require add-on module or purchase of EFP The Works package


EFP for Financial Reporting & Consolidtation

Easy Report Creation, Subscription, and Seamless Report Distribution As a user, you have the option to either make use of the pre-built financial reports within the solution or create your reports using the report wizard. Either way, it is easy to customize these reports to suit your business needs. Changing parameters or filters within the report takes only a few seconds regardless of the size of your dimension. If you want to subscribe to specific reports, you have the subscribe option. With just a click of a button, you are guaranteed to be updated on the reports that matter to you. The report distribution within EFP is simple and straightforward. It uses the organization tree and workflow in distributing it. You can select any report and set up for distribution as excel sheets to licensed and non-licensed users. You can also schedule reports for sending.

Business Rules for Complex Report Handling

The depth and sophistication of EFP as a reporting tool can be best experienced through its built-in Business rules engine. The business rules engine allows you to perform simple to highly complex report calculations in a simple, straightforward manner. Complex report, like EBITDA reporting, can be handled within EFP through business rules and hierarchies. Even if your organization might have a different way of viewing data which makes reporting complicated, EFP makes that possible without needing IT assistance. Shortened monthly close with Financial Consolidation Consolidation isn´t just a task for large companies. Even small and mid-sized companies require a reliable consolidation process. EFP is Epicor´s mainstream consolidation solution today. EFP reduces manual intervention and close cycle, affords complete control over financial statements, provides a centralized data collection with management oversight, affords in-depth analysis and drill down to journal details, and automates group reporting and disclosure.


Epicor Financial Planner for Budgeting and Planning

Here is a sample consolidation structure EFP supports:

EFP´s Advanced Consolidation Capability in focus EFP is configured with consolidation rules and currency rules. These rules can differ by group, consolidation method, ownership, time, and natural account. Many EFP customers today use EFP for multi-group consolidation. EFP has no problem solving highly complex consolidation requests, such as the need for accurate foreign currency translations on a detailed level with CTA calculations. This is just one of the many advanced consolidation capabilities of EFP. It is, of course, also equipped with best practices such as automated reconciliation process, intercompany matching, deployment of a pre- defined data model that each subsidiary can map their data with, automatic eliminations, and more. One easy to use and unified tool to maintain Aside from supporting reporting and consolidation for your organization, EFP is a robust budgeting and planning solution. With its easy-to-use web interface, learning how to use the tool is not an issue. It also provides an Excel plug-in for advanced finance users so you can do more advanced formatting of reports if preferred. The best part about EFP is that it provides a truly complete, deep, and functionality-rich solution that can handle financial reporting, budgeting & planning, and consolidation with just a single platform.

Example Structure • Our example is Canadian main group with two sub-groups. • Consolidation is performed in both sub-groups, and at main group Level.

Forum Main Group

Sub Group

Castel Company Canada

Canadian Head Office (CAD)

Adam Canada

Forum International Group Holdings (CAD)

Gillian Christies US

US Head Office (USD)

Leylor Bax Inc.

The EFP Choice • Secure FP&A investment - EFP offers a unified and full FP&A suite • Best Practices Approach - EFP offers pre- defined business management content • Ease of Use - EFP is truly dynamic & user- friendly • Quick Implementation - Integrate with your ERP system quickly and efficiently to create reports, simulations, analysis & dashboardsAutomatic updates

About Epicor Financial Planner Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) delivers full financial reporting, planning, budgeting, performance management, and consolidation capabilities that complement your selected combination of ERP and line of business systems. It is designed to support a multitude of moderately complex to very complex business issues and is designed to scale as your business grows in revenue and complexity. To see a demo of Cloud EFP today or to inquire about its pricing, please email info@dspanel.com or speak to your Epicor Account Manager. You may also visit www.efpcloud.com for more info.

Contact us for more information on Epicor Financial Planner and sevices (+46)8.669.0340 info@dspanel.com www.efpcloud.com

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