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The consultation does not seek detailed comments on each individual measure as the government wish to work as closely as possible to the model that has already been developed for the private and voluntary sectors. Comments are asked for on the overall approach and whether there are particular issues which affect public sector employers.

The GEO has published an online survey which will run until 30 Sep 2016.

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CIPP webcast on Gender Pay Gap reporting 26 September 2016

Regulations are due to come into force in October 2016 which will require private and voluntary sector employers in England, Scotland and Wales with at least 250 employees, to submit gender pay gap reports annually.

The CIPP Policy team has produced a short webcast which gives an overview of what the gender pay gap is, who it applies to, what has to be reported and some other considerations for payroll and employers ahead of April 2017 when the reporting period begins. The Policy team have been involved in the gender pay gap consultation work from the beginning and back in June 2016 we were keen to get an insight into how aware and ready employers are. We ran a poll for three weeks asking:

“ If gender pay gap reporting applies to you (250+ employees) will you be ready for reporting requirements from October 2016?”

O f the 101 responses we received, 52% said that they will be ready, which is great however 31% said they were not aware of requirements and 17% said they would not be ready. If you fall into the last two categories and are a private or voluntary sector employer in England, Scotland and Wales with at least 250 employees, then listen in to hear what your mandatory reporting requirements will be. A note for public sector employers is that the government has just closed a consultation for the same mandatory reporting regime to apply for large public sector employers during 2016-17. Further details are covered in the webcast.

Expect more publications on the topic of gender pay gap reporting as the details are worked through and finalised.

View the gender pay gap webcast below and visit My CIPP on our website for other topical webcasts - an easy way to update your team on aspects of payroll legislation.

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How employers and employees can tackle the gender pay gap 8 November 2016

The AAT has produced a white paper following a round table event which discussed what practical measures employers and employees could implement in order for the gender pay gap to be significantly reduced

Recommendations included

 Rather than women needing to reduce their maternity entitlement to ‘share’ their leave with their partner, paternity leave should instead be boosted in its own right to allow the father more time to bond with his child and avoid the feeling of mothers having their leave penalised.


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