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 Regulations have been amended so that bonus payments made in securities, interests in securities and securities options are captured by reference to income tax liability. Clear guidance on how to comply with the gender bonus gap reporting requirements will be provided.  Regulations have been amended to require large employers to publish both mean and median gender bonus gaps.  Regulations have been amended to clarify that employers should generate quartiles by dividing the workforce into four groups, each with an equal number of employees ranked according to average hourly pay, starting from lowest paid to the highest paid (full details page 30-31 of the response ). To help employers understand the factors driving any gender pay gaps and take action to address them, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recommended that supporting guidance should also encourage employers to consider the following aspects of pay and progression:  Starting pay for men and women.  Promotion rates for men and women.  The proportion of mothers returning to the employer after maternity leave, and the proportion of mothers still in employment a year after returning.  The proportion of men and women using various flexible working patterns, and levels within the organisation at which take-up is occurring. The government is working closely with ACAS to develop clear and user-friendly guidance to help employers understand and implement the regulations. The guidance will include advice about the voluntary contextual narrative that will reflect relevant and appropriate proposals raised by stakeholders during the second consultation, such as those outlined above.

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New online tool reveals Gender Pay Gap by profession 12 December 2016

A new online tool that allows the public to find out the gender pay gap for their occupation, has been launched by the Minister for Women and Equalities.

The online tool , created by the government and the Office for National Statistics, shows construction and building trades, and financial managers and directors have the highest gender pay gaps.

The online tool is launched as details of how large employers will have to report their gender pay and gender bonus pay gaps from next April have been published through the The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 .

The regulations, which will affect almost 8,000 employers with around 11 million employees, will shine a light on workplace practices that could be preventing women from reaching the top in their organisations.

Tackling injustices like the fact that women earn on average less than men is a key part of building a society and country that works for everyone, as Theresa May made clear in her first speech as Prime Minister.

Early adopters

Now that the regulations have been published the Government Equalities Office (GEO) are keen to identify leading employers in key sectors who want to be early adopters (i.e. publishing in the first or second reporting quarter April – September 2017).

If this is something you are considering then please contact the GEO by email at closingthegap@geo.gov.uk using the subject line ‘early adopter’ .

The online tool uses the latest data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings to provide the most up to date gender pay gap data. The gender pay gap is now at a record low of 18.1 per cent and the online tool will show the gender pay gap by profession, so that the public can see how their job measures up against the national average.


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