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Thinking about introducing a work from home policy? 8 September 2016

Acas has produced a guide which outlines the employment rights and relations issues relating to homeworking.

The Homeworking guide for employers and employees has been written for employers of all sizes and employees and details the employment rights and relations issues relating to:

 Reasons why homeworking is growing and how employers and employees can assess whether it is a sound option in office-related roles or arrangements where home would be used as a base for travel.  Practicalities involved, from establishing a homeworking policy to setting up and managing an employee working from home.  Potential benefits and considerations of such homeworking.

The guidance focuses on regular homeworking that has been officially agreed between employee and employer, not incidental homeworking, such as leaving the office on time to do extra hours at home, or one-off situations.

It is aimed primarily at homeworking in office-related roles or arrangements where home is used as a base for travel.

It does not cover what the rights at work body, the International Labour Organisation, calls ‘traditional homeworking’ – people working at home on tasks such as knitting, making up garments or filling envelopes. They can be also known as ‘out workers’ or ‘piece workers’. You can find out more about out work/piece work on the Acas website .

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National Work Life Week 2016 14 September 2016

Working Families is encouraging employers to get involved in National Work-Life Week in October.

National Work-Life Week 2016 will take place from Monday 3 October to Friday 7 October.

The week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and work-life balance. Employers can use the week to provide a range of relevant activities for staff, and to promote their flexible working policies and practices. Working Families has a Toolkit for Employers which will tell you everything you need to know about National Work Life Week and how it can benefit your organisation. ‘ 'Go home on time day' ’ takes place on Wednesday 5 October and according to Working Families research , many parents are working far longer than their contracted hours every week. Mark the date in your calendar as a day to go home on time and do something you enjoy.

Read more about National Work-Life Week on the Working Families website .

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Research shows increase in zero-hours contracts 13 September 2016


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