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Acas Model Workplace tool 26 September 2016

Acas surveyed employers who have used their Model Workplace tool and more than a quarter said that it had made them aware of an area where their organisation was not complying with the law.

Acas' free online tool - the Acas Model Workplace is designed to help organisations check that they have the right people management policies in place.

Of those who have used the Acas online tool, more than a quarter (28%) said that it had made them aware of an area where their organisation was not complying with the law (through incorrect people policies and procedures).

A lot of employers don't realise that they are following out-of-date practices. Or that they need to introduce new policies to comply with employment legislation. Further findings from the survey of employers show that 55% actively changed practices based on what they found when using the Acas Model Workplace tool.

This tool is free to use. Why not take a few minutes to check your policies and procedures today.

Try the Acas Model Workplace .

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Northern Ireland Business Register and Employment Survey publish 2015 survey results 29 September 2016 The Northern Ireland (NI) Department of Economy have published the 2015 results of the Northern Ireland Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES), which is a two yearly survey of employers in Northern Ireland. The results for 2015 show:  The total number of employee jobs in Northern Ireland in September 2015 was 728,932, an increase of 7,749 jobs (1.1%) since September 2014 and is an increase that has been driven by growth in employee jobs in the Services (3,830 jobs), Manufacturing (3,162 jobs) and Construction (1,425 jobs) industries.

 Businesses classified in the ‘Other’ industry sector showed a decrease of 668 employee jobs since September 2014, w decrease driven almost entirely by a fall in the number of farm workers (658 jobs).

 Over the year to September 2015 both male and female jobs increased, by 6,436 (1.8%) and 1,312 (0.4%) jobs respectively. Full-time employee jobs increased by 15,665 (3.4%) over the year while part- time employee jobs decreased by 7,917 (3.0%).

 Between September 2014 and September 2015, there was a decrease in jobs in the public sector (5,430 jobs or 2.6%) and an increase in jobs in the private sector (13,179 jobs or 2.6%).

 Eight District Council Areas recorded an increase in the number of employee jobs since 2014. The largest increase was seen in Belfast (5,440 jobs or 2.5%) to 220,190 jobs, whilst decreases were seen in Fermanagh and Omagh (401 jobs or 1.0%), Lisburn and Castlereagh (276 jobs or 0.5%) and Mid and East Antrim (76 jobs or 0.2%). The survey which was first carried out in 2010 under the Statistics of Trade and Employment (Northern Ireland) Order 1988 reports results according to sex, full or part-time working, industrial activity (at the Headline Industrial Section) based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC2007) and location (District Council Area), subject to confidentiality constraints. It is conducted every two years, and alternates with the biennial Census of Employment.

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