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As you would expect in a technical consultation on Draft Regulations there are two consultation questions broached which are:

1. Do the regulations as drafted achieve their objectives as set out ? 2. Do these draft regulations produce any unintended consequences?

Any comments to the draft regulations should be sent by no later than 14 November 2016 lowri.barber@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk .

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Apprenticeship Levy guidance for software deveolpers - correction 4 October 2016

Further to our news item on 19 September 2016 regarding the developer brief version 1.6 for the Apprenticeship Levy, the SDS Team has corrected one of the examples.

Unfortunately there were a few rounding discrepancies in month 12 of example 5. These have now been corrected by HMRC’s SDS Team and a revised version is accessible below.

To help with development additional entries have been added in the calculation for months 3 and 4 to show how the levy paid value varies from month to month.

Apprenticeship Levy SD guidance - correction to v1.6 – 4 October 2016

Apprenticeship levy SD Guidance v1.6 - 19 September 2016

Apprenticeship levy SD guidance v1.5 - 4 July 2016

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Apprenticeship Levy – updated guidance 28 October 2016

The guidance aims to help employers understand the new funding regime and how the apprenticeship Levy will impact them have been updated.

Mark Stanley, Programme Delivery Manager recently provided an introduction on Skills Funding Agency (SFA) Blog and provides a high level overview of how the Digital Apprenticeship Service will work to deliver Apprenticeship services and funding in England for employers by:

 Putting employers in control  Offering new apprenticeships  Focussing on quality  Encouraging diversity and social mobility

The SFA Blog also details the Department of Education (DfE) five step overview of the digital apprenticeship service as it aspires to be by early 2017.

Apprenticeship funding is a devolved subject and the delivery of apprenticeship funding and training is therefore decided by the Government and Assemblies of Scotland , Wales & Northern Ireland .

Apprenticeship Levy – UK wide In the meantime and following consultation with affected stakeholders, HMRC has confirmed that changes announced recently will:


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