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Payroll bureaux and agents - pinpointing the pinch-points of GNS and employer prompts 29 September 2016

During the summer the CIPP Policy team published a survey on behalf of HMRC to gather your views on the Automated Penalty Appeal Service and your experience of receiving messages via the Generic Notification Service.

One very popular comment from payroll bureaux – which has been said many times since the introduction of Generic Notifications and Employer Prompts and that is:

“It would be exceedingly useful if the Employer's reference was quoted on the emails so that employers with multiple references didn't have to try every reference to discover which one the GNS referred to…”

“Please add in the PAYE reference - with 800 individual in-house companies using the same e-mail address - an e-mail asking me to check for a GNS message is ignored as I do not have the time to check 800 individual online accounts.” “I am an agent with multiple PAYE clients; the lack of any indication, in the emails received, to which client the notice relates is a major flaw. It would be extremely helpful to include the employer's name in the email notification in future.” The Policy team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who responded to this survey and thank you also for all comments. Looking at the comments noted above (and similar that have been received anecdotally) we have been asked if we could provide some screen shots or descriptions of the agent's process so as to establish the point at which the problem occurs and where an enhancement would help for both GNS or e-mail alerts.

Thank you for examples already provided and in advance for any and all further examples you can send marked for the attention of Samantha Mann, CIPP Senior Policy & Research Officer to policy@cipp.org.uk .

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CIPP Survey - your experience and plans for utilising Voluntary Payrolling 25 October 2016

Throughout the year the CIPP policy & research team have received a significant amount of anecdotal evidence that suggests that experience with voluntary payrolling has been positive, albeit with only small numbers who have yet ‘dipped their toes’ in to the Payrolling of Benefits in Kind Service (PBIKs).

The team are also aware that many more members are considering engaging with voluntary payrolling in the coming tax year and beyond.

To enable us all to learn from the experiences of others, and also to share our thoughts, views and experiences to date, the CIPP policy team have created a survey which is aimed at in-house payroll professionals, software developers, out-source payroll providers and agents to gather views of the profession that will be invaluable in feeding in to further policy development in this area.

The survey will run until 5 November 2016 and depending upon your responses, should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time and support with this survey and please don’t hesitate to email the policy team directly at policy if you which to discuss this subject further. Please mark your emails FAO Samantha Mann, Senior Policy & Research Officer.

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