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Hourly payslips poll results In light of this recommendation the Policy team ran a poll in November 2016 to get a gauge on what current practice is. Our poll asked, ‘If you have hourly-paid workers, do you include the number of hours for which they are being paid on their payslip?’

We received a high number of responses to this poll, 933 in total. 88% of respondents said yes they do include the number of hours, with the remaining 12% saying they do not.

This is of course a one question poll with no facility to elaborate so if you do have views or experience with providing payslips/itemised pay statements that you would wish to feed in to any future consultation on this subject, please email Samantha Mann at policy@cipp.org.uk .

Why not take a moment to give your opinion in our latest poll which is situated to the right of this news item, and to the right of all of our news items.

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Gender Pay Gap Poll 14 February 2017

Have you tested your Gender Pay Gap data in preparation for the mandatory reporting duty that comes into effect in April 2017?

    


No, but planning to test before April 2017

No and not planning to test

No, have fewer than 250 employees

Not aware of the new duty

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to help the Policy Team gauge where employers are with their planning and answer our quick poll which is situated to the right of this news item (and all of our news items).

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CIPP quick poll on reconciliation issues 12 April 2017

Do you currently have RTI issues where FPS values do not balance with what is being paid to HMRC?

Yes, no, did, but now resolved.

Please take a moment to answer our latest poll which is situated to the right of this, and every CIPP news item.

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