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Will My Personal Injury Settlement Cover My Medical Bills?

P ersonal injuries can change a person’s life in a flash. Daily pain, surgeries, doctor visits, permanent handicaps, and disabilities all affect daily living, not tomention the medical bills that come with all the treatment for the injuries. All of this takes an emotional toll on the injured person and their family. As personal injury lawyers, we educate people to prevent injuries and hold those responsible for causing injuries accountable. We do this all in an effort to prevent future injuries to others. We also help the injured in their time of need. When an injured person calls, one of the first things they or a family member asks is, “Will my personal injury settlement cover my medical bills?”In cases where the injuries are catastrophic, at first glance, there may not be enough insurance coverage to pay for all of the bills. This is why you need an experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyer. Youmay be thinking,“There is only $100,000 in motor vehicle insurance coverage andmy bills are over $500,000. I should not bother hiring a lawyer because they will just take a fee from what I get.”Yet, this is exactly when you need an experienced personal injury lawyer most. I use these numbers as an example because this is a true scenario we encountered in a recent case. Rather than throwing their hands up in the air or deciding not to hire a lawyer because they did not want to pay a fee, this injured couple called Kelly LawOffices.

In this case, a woman was injured in a motorcycle crash. There was only $100,000 available in insurance coverage, but over $594,000 in health insurance liens. Fortunately, we were able to get that $594,000 lien reduced to just $10,000. That is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help an injured person and their family when things seembleak. We also substantially reduced our fee from the standard 33 1/3 percent attorney fee because we wanted to help this injured woman as much as we could. That is why it is important to have a compassionate personal injury attorney.

1 So, to answer the original question,“Will my settlement pay for my medical bills?”No attorney can answer this question with a yes 100 percent of the time, but we make every effort to make it happen. Not every case can work out the way this one did. We do not always get such tremendous reductions and we are not always able to reduce our fee so much, but we will always reduce our fee if necessary to make sure the client gets more money than us. In my 14 years of practicing law, no client who has settled their case has ever walked away with nothing, no matter howmuch their medical bills were and no matter howmuch insurance coverage was available. So, the next time you or a friend hires an attorney, make sure to ask, “Will the attorney I hire reduce their fee as much as necessary to make sure I get more money than the lawyer, no matter what my medical bills are?”If the attorney you are talking to answers,“No,”call Kelly Law Offices. Last, this scenario shows why we educate people on getting proper insurance coverage before getting out on the road. It is so important to cover yourself with uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage so you have more money available to you if you are hurt. You should buy the highest amount you can afford. Call us if you want to discuss this insurance issue more. *The results of this case are not indicative of future performance, but simply an example of how Kelly LawOffices treats its clients. This example is in no way a promise of future outcomes, as nothing in the law is ever guaranteed. Each case has its own facts, laws, and circumstances.



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