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The BestWay to Celebrate Halloween

houses in the country, and they really know how to put on a show. You have to walk through these horrific scenes with people hiding every 5 feet ready to jump out. Even though you know it’s all fake, there’s still an adrenaline rush when some guy in a mask starts chasing you with a chainsaw. But that’s part of the fun. After screaming and running, you can’t help but laugh at yourself a bit. My parents have said they wouldn’t

ast year was Audrey’s first Halloween, and we dressed her in a little monkey costume. She was very cute, but she didn’t have the chance to show off because we didn’t take her out. Her bedtime was well before trick-or-treating started. This year, we might take her out for a little while. Back when I was a kid, I dressed up as a GI Joe almost every Halloween, though I do remember having a pretty cool He-Man costume one year. That was actually a costume I revisited as an adult. The first year after Renee and I got together, we were He-Man and She-Ra for Halloween. It was like reliving the Halloween of my youth — but 10 times better because I had an amazing girlfriend who agreed to dress up with me. That was the same Halloween I went to my first haunted maze. I never visited haunted houses or anything like that when I was a kid, but Renee has always loved them. For our first Halloween together, Renee took me out in the country to a haunted field called Scare for the Cure. It was a scary maze, and all the money they collected went to cancer research. I admit I was a little nervous about the whole thing. We were in the middle of nowhere, 30 miles outside of Austin, in front of this big field where you could hear people screaming their heads off. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but once we got in there, it was pretty fun. There were actors hiding in the dark, waiting to jump out and scare us as we passed by. It was pretty fun to jump, scream, and then laugh together. They don’t do Scare for the Cure anymore, but in recent years, we’ve been going to House of Torment in Austin. This is one of the top 10 haunted “For our first Halloween together, Renee took me out in the country to a haunted field called Scare for the Cure.”

go into the House of Torment for $1 million, but I look forward to going with Renee every year. Unfortunately, after going for so long, I think we’ve built up a scare immunity. Even the House of Torment doesn’t frighten us like it once did, but it’s still fun to go with Renee. When the haunted houses don’t bring the scares, we turn to horror movies. Renee’s not a big fan of gore, and I don’t like jump scares — both of which most modern horror movies rely on — so we stick to the classics. Anything from the ‘70s or ‘80s, like the original “Halloween,” is a welcome viewing experience.

Audrey’s scary Halloween years are still a ways off. It will be a while before she joins us on the annual trip to the House of Torment. For now, Renee and I will stick to trick-or-treating with her and watching scary movies after Audrey goes to bed.

–Dr. Seth Evans

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