2020-2021 Vegetalis Catalog | North America

Basket of Fire 70093989 • Combines the best of ornamental and edible qualities. • Colorful peppers ranging from deep purple through yellow and orange. • Tolerant of cooler temperatures allowing plant to be productive well into autumn. BEST FOR: fresh, dried or frozen for later. Pickling, salsa, marinades and barbecue sauces.

Cheyenne 70054882 • Compact and bushy with an elegant arching habit make it well-suited for hanging baskets if left unstaked. • Strong foliage canopy protects the long, slender, tapered bright orange fruit. • Quick to mature; be prepared for a bumper harvest of spicy hot and sweet chilies. BEST FOR: fresh, canned, pickled or dried uses

Cayennetta 70092268 • Well-branched, upright plant; dense foliage to protect fruits from sun. • Tolerant to both extreme heat and cool temperatures. • Heavy yields of mildly spicy Cayenne-type fruits with a crunchy bite. • A good choice for both market growers and home gardeners. BEST FOR: adding a zesty kick to sauces or salsa. Preserve by canning, drying or freezing.

Longhorn 70092271 • Vigorous, tall plants hold the 6-9” long chilis above the garden soil. • High-yielding plants produce an abundance of Cayenne- type chilis with sweet “creeper” heat. • Like the horns of its namesake cattle, the fruit exhibit a very long taper with a slight curl at the end. BEST FOR: fresh, grilled or dried uses

Chenzo 70092269 • Compact, well-branched habit forms a tidy dome ideal for small spaces and patio containers. • Fruits hang below the foliage maturing black to bright red. • Heat builds slowly for a deep burn! Very crunchy peppers with a tang of fresh apple and citrus. BEST FOR: Asian cuisine. Fresh or dried for rubs.



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