2020-2021 Vegetalis Catalog | North America

Liberty Belle 70093988 • Naturally dwarf plants are ideal for patio containers. • Produces an abundance of very sweet yellow bell peppers. • Bred to withstand intense heat without fruit damage. BEST FOR: stuffing, sautéing, roasted or fresh

Redskin 70054884 • THE Patio Pepper! A miniature dwarf plant bearing nearly full-size sweet bell peppers. • Elegant arching, well branched habit is highly suited for hanging baskets and small pots. • Excellent for window sills, patios or container gardening. BEST FOR: harvest green or red. Enjoy grilled, roasted, stuffed or preserve for later use.

Mohawk 70093987 • Thrives in hanging baskets doubling as both an ornamental pepper and productive vegetable. • Compact habit produces an abundance of medium-sized peppers mildly sweet. • Fruit holds well on the plant for added enjoyment. BEST FOR: harvest green or orange. Ideal for crudités platters, salads.

Trifecta 70023352 • Ideal pepper for dual purpose use in either fresh or roasting markets. • Produces high yields of jumbo and XL dark green glossy fruit for fresh market. • Colors to deep scarlet-red both inside and out for red roasted peppers. BEST FOR: fresh or roasting, freeze for use later



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