2020-2021 Vegetalis Catalog | North America


Brice ® 70007591 • A "Round de Nice" type with multiple disease resistances is quite attractive. • This easy-to-grow, ball-shaped zucchini lends itself to creative fun in the kitchen. • Beautiful, compact plant habit is more manageable than other zucchini. • Consider as an alternative ingredient in Eggplant Parmesan.

Spineless Perfection 70011723 • Improvement of Spineless Beauty with the addition of powdery mildew and virus resistances. • Attractive, high-gloss fruit can be easily picked from open, upright plants. • Truly spineless petioles will not damage fruit during harvest.

Spineless Supreme 70066262 • Provides the strongest disease package of Syngenta’s “Spineless” types. • Produces high yields of high gloss fruit with a classic Spineless Beauty appearance. • Open, erect plant with no spines for easy harvest.

Brice's naturally silvered foliage mimics disease

which acts as a deterrent to pests. Additional disease resistances keep Brice healthy and prolific on your patio.


Enterprise 70016113 • Proven performer whose vigorous habit makes it widely adaptable. • An attractive bottle-shaped, straight-necked yellow squash. • Produces high yields of very smooth fruit with a slim and attractive bulb.

Fortune 70011673 • Early-maturing variety exhibits a heavy and continuous fruit set all season long. • Can be harvested as a small, yellow baby vegetable. • Beautiful, bottle-shaped squash with a sturdy yellow neck that lessens breakage at harvest.

Golden Glory 70000076 • Amazing, golden-yellow zucchini are easy to locate on these upright plants. • Easy to grow due to multiple resistances to powdery mildew and viruses. • Semi-spineless plants minimize damage to high-quality, smooth fruit during harvest.

San Isidro 70041469 • A Mexican-type grey zucchini that is popular in gourmet dishes. • Open, erect plants are nearly spineless reducing damage to fruit during harvest. • Strong, durable plants are highly productive due to its ability to tolerate disease pressure.


Gentry 70011674 • Consistent dependability produces high yields even under stress. • Well-adapted—performs well even under high temperatures. • Semi-crookneck features smooth, butter-yellow, and high-quality fruit.

Golden Delight 70007590 • Produces high-quality, golden-yellow fruit that are buttery and nutty in flavor. • Vigorous, semi-spineless plant makes it easy to harvest the 7–8" fruit.

Grandprize 70066293 • Straightneck, glossy, deep yellow fruit with a smooth bump-free skin. • Erect, semi-open plant with reduced spines. • Enhanced disease package makes for a healthy plant all season long.

Sunburst • An AAS winner that delivers exceptional buttery and nutty flavor which is maintained in baby or mature fruit. • Attractive, glossy, and deep yellow, this scalloped, disc- shaped fruit stands out with a dark green blossom end. • Plants are highly prolific producers of non-stop fruit and are bushy and vigorous, yet compact.



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