2020-2021 Vegetalis Catalog | North America

Capitola 70000222 • Sow in summer months for ripening in the cool autumn weather of September to November. • Produces heavy yields of high-quality sprouts on tall vigorous plants. • Sprouts are 1.5" in size; small butt and flat wings allow for easy harvest.

Confidant 70000228 • Sow in the summer months for ripening in the cool autumn weather of October to November. • Beautifully shaped, dark green sprouts have a fairly mild taste. • High yielding, compact plants at 25" tall are space saving in the garden.

Gustus 70000233 • Widely adapted and early maturity is perfect for short growing seasons. • Large, wingless and very smooth sprouts have minimal after-taste. • High-yields of dark green sprouts are evenly spaced and well formed.

Aerospace 70013308 • Very dense, uniform white heads placed high on plant for easy harvest. • Consistent, easy-to-grow performance. • Good internal head wraps provide excellent protection. • Medium to large plant habit with good vigor.

Flame Star 70057791 • Stunning pastel-orange heads are ideal for the specialty color market. • Widely adaptable with uniform maturity and consistent performance even under heat stress. • Medium-sized plants produce high yields of smooth, high-quality, and dense heads. • Versatile – suitable for both fresh and processing markets, spring or fall.

Depurple 70044765 • Lavender-pink colored curds are eye-catching. • Uniform maturity of dense, domed shaped heads.

• Adaptable with consistent performance under different environmental conditions.

Gallican 70061691 • Early to harvest with good holding ability. • Sweet salad type with wonderful flavor. • Smooth, dense perfectly round 3–5 pound heads. • Tall, dark green frame with upright leaf shape and no bottom leaves laying on the ground.

Gregorian 70013420 • Early-maturing, uniform plants with tolerance to environmental stresses. • High yields, good field holding ability, and a pleasing taste make this a winner. • Medium-frame plant produces 6.5–7" round heads, with green wrappers.

Graffiti 70004445 • A large-framed deep purple cauliflower that is a garden favorite. • Dome-shaped heads with smooth curds need full sun to develop full color. • Best raw or steamed, color will change if boiled (add 1 tsp. of lemon juice to the water to retain color).

Steady 70000190 • Consistent performance under different environmental conditions. • Vigorous plant with excellent internal wrap to protect the dense, dome- shaped heads. • Impressive, high-quality, and uniform 7" heads. • Transplant to the garden in early spring for early-mid summer harvest.

Redarling 70017411 • Innovative purple-red color and mild taste. • Produces firm, well-filled colorful buttons. • Good standing ability – high-yielding, 31.5" tall.

Love kale but short on space? Try growing it in a container on your patio! Prizm kale thrives in small spaces.

Kilagreg 70004466 • Club root resistant and tolerant to bolting. • Produces very round 3–5 pound heads with a dense white interior and small core. • Rounded heads are held well above the ground for ease of harvest. • Good for fresh market and home garden.

Pennant 70017529 • Noted for its wide adaption, its holding ability helps maximize its potential. • This cabbage boasts excellent interior quality, sweet flavor, and tolerance to tip burn. • Medium-frame plant produces large 8" heads with blue-green wrappers.

Prizm 70015188 • Produces an abundance of edible leaves. • Quick to re-leaf with uniformly-sized, sweet leaves. • Performs under high-density planting in small garden spaces and edible patio containers. • Deep green, fine-curled leaves are attractive and tasty.



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