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By Matthew Hodson, M&T Realty Capital Corporation Going Green with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2018

T he Federal Hous - ing Finance Agency (FHFA) is the regulat-

wishing to obtain ‘green’ financing will be required to achieve a 25% savings in ei- ther energy or water within the first year of the loan closing. (Prior to 2018, Fred- die Mac had a 15% savings requirement, while Fannie Mae required 20% savings.) Industry concerns with the new FHFA requirements are two-fold. First, given that green business has been such a large part of each Agency’s uncapped volume, howmuch will this affect the Agencies’ annual volumes? Second, now that the re-

quirements for cost-savings are higher, how much more will it cost borrowers to reach the 25% savings, and will fewer properties qualify for these savings? In speaking with repre- sentatives from each Agen- cy, both are confident that the increase to 25% should yield similar loan volumes to 2017. The author surveyed a reputable engineering firm that provides green assess- ment reports, and asked about discrepancies between the numbers of properties that qualified in 2017 that

wouldn’t qualify in 2018. The firm estimated that approxi- mately 15% of the reports would fall into that category. Although the increase to a 25% savings threshold may limit the number of properties that can qualify for green financing, both Agencies remain commit- ted to funding properties in this category. Borrowers will have to increase expen- ditures on ‘green’ improve- ments in order to meet the new threshold, but the ben- efits of green financing are still attainable and should

outweigh the higher costs. Opportunities still remain to reap the benefits of upgrad- ing energy and water usage in the New Year. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of M&T Realty Capital Corporation. Matthew Hodson is a managing director for M&T Realty Capital Cor- poration in the South- east, and has worked on more than $3 billion in transactions. n

ing author- ity for Fan- nie Mae and Freddie Mac (the “Agen- c i e s ” ) . I n 2017, each A g e n c y ’ s origination was ‘capped’

Matthew Hodson

at $36.5 billion. Excluded from the caps are affordable housing loans, small loans (for properties with less than 50 units), and loans to finance manufactured housing rental communi- ties. There is a fourth exclu- sion, as well, which seems to be the topic du jour in the Agency finance world these days: “green” properties, or properties that implement renovations resulting in significant energy or water savings. These cap exemp- tions currently make up nearly half of each Agency’s annual loan volume, with green exemptions accounting for roughly 40% of uncapped volume. Year-end numbers have not yet been released, but each Agency is expected to have originated a total of $65-70 billion in 2017. To obtain green financing, a separate green report is ordered from an engineer during the underwriting pro- cess, and the upgrades and cost-savings are determined prior to loan closing. The funds for the improvements are escrowed with the lender, and, in return, the borrower receives multiple benefits: a lower interest rate; a portion of the projected savings in- cluded in underwritten NOI; lower energy and/or water costs to tenants; and the social benefit of an environ- mentally-friendly property. Examples of energy or water cost savings include upgrad- ing showerheads, installing sink aerators in kitchens and bathrooms, updating exterior and unit lighting, replacing major systems or appliances, installing low- flow toilets, and upgrad- ing thermostats. Generally speaking, properties that would benefit the most tend to be class B or C, and built before 2005 with little-to-no recent upgrades. In late November, FHFA announced that properties

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