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With spring time approaching and beautiful weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to begin a new fitness routine or exercise program. It’s often difficult to know if the joint aches or pains you’re experiencing are “normal.” Physical therapists have the ability to examine the musculoskeletal system and determine the source of your pain. More often than not, a physical therapist will

work out. A few examples of dynamic warm-up exercises are jumping jacks, high knees, walking knee hugs, and lunges. Static Stretching. Static stretching involves holding a stretch for at least 30 seconds at a time. This type of stretching is best implemented at the end of a workout. Maximal flexibility is achieved when muscles have been fully warmed up

and have the greatest amount of blood-flow.

be able to treat your orthopedic condition. If not, they will be able to refer you to the proper health care professional to completely address your condition. If this is your first time exercising, there are a few things you should be aware of to keep your body functioning properly and to avoid injury. Below you will find a few general practices to consider before embarking on your fitness goals: Ramp up your workouts. If this is your first time exercising, it’s important to ease into activity. By slowly increasing the amount of walking, jogging, or weight lifting you complete per week, you’ll allow your body time to adjust to these new demands. You should consult your physical therapist or your primary care physician before partaking in vigorous activity for the first time. Dynamic warm-up. “Dynamic stretching” or a “dynamic warm-up” is a type of warm up that involves taking a muscle or joint through it’s full range of motion. It’s best to complete a dynamic warm-up prior to your

Footwear. If you plan to exercise regularly, your choice in footwear is extremely important, especially if you’re participating in higher impact activities such as running and jumping. In general, amore supportive shoe should be chosen over a flat, flimsy shoe. It’s also important to consider the length of time you have had your workout shoes. If you start to notice the tread of your shoes wearing down, it’s most likely time to invest in another pair. Active rest. Resting your body is often equally as important as exercise. Don’t feel so bad about taking some time off from exercising during the week! On your “off days,” you can still stretch your body to maintain flexibility and avoid future injury. If you’d like to begin a new exercise program but are unsure of where to start, consider making an appointment with a physical therapist at Activa! - information provided by Dr. Carson Moesle PT, DPT

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