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QUARTER 1 2019

I CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS Because I’ve Asked ThemMyself

If you’ve never been through it, it’s hard to imagine what you would do if you suddenly had to manage an aging parent’s or relative’s estate because they fell ill. You have to go through it yourself in order to understand not only the legal process but also the mental and emotional toll it can have. We understand all of this very well at Van Dyck Law; navigating these troubled waters is at the heart of what we do.

of a loved one becoming debilitated with sickness, though, I didn’t have as many answers. Then, in 2008, my father was diagnosed with dementia. Suddenly I was the one asking those questions instead of the one trying to answer them. How could I ensure that my father got the care he needed? How could we best manage his affairs, given his condition? When I had to answer those questions for myself, I realized just how important it is that I understand this process for my clients. Now, elder law is a major practice area at Van Dyck Law.

“When I had to answer those questions for myself, I realized just how important it is that I understand this process for my clients.”

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Fiona Van Dyck. I am the owner of Van Dyck Law, and it is always my objective to get my clients the help they need for whatever difficult situation they’re going through. When I’m not in the office, you may find me out on the running trails or volunteering my time with the Princeton Senior Resource Center. For years, I was more of a traditional estate planning attorney, making sure my clients had the correct documentation and trying my best to make tax burdens manageable. I knew how to answer a lot of questions about what to do after a loved one died. When it came to preparing for the possibility

Squaring away all the documentation for my father and getting the proper care was hard, but I’m glad that I can draw on my personal experiences now to help others going through the same process. That being said, we are happy to help people with many different aspects of estate planning alongside our practice in elder law. Clients experiencing all sorts of situations come into our office not knowing what to expect. Some of them think they are in a situation nobody can understand, much less help them solve.

elder law, and the other areas of law we practice can be complex, and even though it can be hard to be patient through the processes associated with each area, I love the moment when clients realize we’re a little different from the average law firm. Our clients come into our office tense and anxious, but they leave with peace of mind. They know we can help get them through a difficult and confusing time in their lives and answer any questions they have for us.

-Fiona Van Dyck

Ironically, that’s where the best part of my job starts. Even though estate planning,



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